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One Gear, No Brakes, and Balls of Steel Photo Gallery

One of the oldest and longest running motorcycle racing series in Amererica, Flat Track takes both skill and courage to maneuver 300-lb. machines at close to 100 mph. Read more about the sport in our featureFlat Track: One Gear, No Brakes, and Balls of Steel.

In Flat Track athletes straddle a fine line between control and chaos.
Harley-Davidson XR-750
“Smokin’” Joe Petrali won a total of five consecutive national championships between 1932 and 1936.
Flat Track exploded when the movie “On Any Sunday” came out in 1971 and when R.J. Reynolds altered the image of the sport.
As seen above, track surfaces in Flat Track can vary widely and have a significant affect on a rider's performance.
In the 2010 AMA Pro Racing Grand National Championship schedule there are 20 races which range from cushion tracks like Lima to grooved circuits like the Springfield Mile.
Kenny Coolbeth remains the only factory-sponsored rider in 2010, with the rest being backed by independent companies.
Since breaking into the Flat Track scene in 2002, Jared Mees has won the 'Rookie of the Year Award' in 2004 and recently won the 2009 AMA Pro Grand National Expert Twins Championship.
One of the things making Flat Track unique from other series is the longevity it offers riders; It's not uncommon to see 40-year-olds winning races.
In 2009 Kenny Roberts returned with his Yamaha TZ750 to the Indy Mile where he originally raced against Korky Keener and Jay Springsteen in 1975.
Jared Mees (#1) is currently fifth in the GNC series and trails leader Joe Kopp (#7) by 23 points.