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Land Speed Racing Top 1 Ack Attack - World’s Fastest Motorcycle Photo Gallery

This month Salt Addiction focuses on the new record-holder for World’s Fastest Motorcycle and the World Fastest Rider, the author himself! Read the full story here: Salt Addiction: Ack Attack World’s Fastest.

Strapped in and ready to go, Rocky gives the thumbs up before the canopy is closed and he’s sent on his way.
It’s a tight fit. Every inch of the cockpit is utilized. Notice the handlebars, twist throttle and hand clutch. There’s also a shifting tree, a tach w/shifting light, toggles for the landing gear and tail doors, and the emergency dual chute release. On the right handlebar is a second lever to deploy the chutes.
The tail doors were removed before we realized the handling gremlins were coming from a faulty rear tire.
Front view of Top 1 Ack Attack and push vehicle.
Bob Cleveland’s big rig that hauls his record setting lawn mower. Get ‘er done!
Bob Cleveland and the world’s fastest lawnmower.
World renown adventurer and copilot, Speedy!
The Top 1 Ack Attack at speed. Note how rough the salt is off the course.
Coasting back to the pits; parachute is out, landing gear is down, and the shiny side is up. Nice job!
Let the good times roll!
These are the guys and gals who made it happen. The crew of the world’s fastest motorcycle, the Top 1 Ack Attack…