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Freedom Cycle

Freedom Cycle is a motorcycle dealership located in Concord, NH selling KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha motorcycles. Contact and map Freedom Cycle through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
110 Manchester Street
Concord, NH 03301-5111
KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha
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2 Users rated the Dealer an average of 3.0
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atvrider10 August 21, 2014 06:41 AM
I will never do business with Freedom Cycle again and I caution anyone who goes in there that has to deal with Hank Resling Jr and Andy Galliher. This is one of the most unprofessional dealerships I have ever dealt with, but before I go on a rant let me explain to everyone out there why.. I bought a Can Am Renegade 800 from this dealership on 05/17/2014 with 743 miles. I had an absolute blast on this machine and Freedom Cycle even used one of my pictures on their Facebook site. Well I started to notice some overheating issues when I was on a ATV trip, so when I got back, I brought it into the dealership on 08/05/2014. At first I was told I needed a new ECU for $1000.00!! But was offered another solution to try and fix the problem. So I went that direction because it was much cheaper. When I picked up the machine and went to ride it, it instantly had a check engine light. So I brought it back to the dealership and apparently after working on it, the machine was never tested after the repair. So it was back in the shop once again and I missed another day of riding with my buddies. Okay now I go back to Freedom Cycle to pick the ATV up and everything is all good (was what i was told)... Wait what?? My ECU is working perfectly fine!?! The part they wanted me to replace that would have cost me $1000.00!! Are you kidding me? Okay whatever thats fine moving on... So I have someone interested in buying the ATV so I can just get it out of my hair and this person is going to buy it off me for what i paid for it!! Yess! I'm finally going to just get rid of this thing! So I bring it to the buyer so they can check it out. Guy loves it talks to his wife and is ready to buy it but just wants to double check the hours and odometer. I've told this guy everything about the bike so no problem I go an show him the Hrs which was 96 hrs.. Then the odometer pops up 0..... the guy looks at me and is obviously not interested anymore...GREAT! I even grab the Invoice from Freedom Cycle and it shows the Mileage going in being 1002 miles going in. Coming out its blank.... So someone knew this happened before i got the ATV back and I guess was hoping no one would notice? Awesome so the value of my ATV is garbage now. So I expect the dealership to make things right! Wouldn't you? So i go in to talk to the GM Andy Galliher and here are the choices I was given to make things right... I'll give you 3,500.00 for your machine and your money back for the service which was about 524.00. so about 4,024.00. Wait a second about three months ago i bought this for 5,500.00?!?! Oh wait I have another option! I can get a brand new Can Am at cost is what Andy told me. That sounds great so I grab some numbers on a few machines and go home to think about what I want to buy next. The following day I go to another local dealership, I don't tell them any of the numbers I have gotten from Freedom Cycle. They gave me the exact price that Freedom Cycle gave me... now I'm not to happy with Freedom Cycle and feel like they are just lining me up for another sale and screwing me over. I took a check for 4,024.00 or something like that and as the customer i took a 1,500.00 loss. On my way out Andy Galliher says to me " I hope you're an honorable man, and I wont see this all over Facebook" are you kidding me of course I'm going to tell all my friends I ride with and people who have considered doing business at Freedom Cycle. It gets better the salesman Hank Resling Jr! Who pretends to be your buddy until things go really bad, attacks my posts on Facebook goes into my pictures and posts on my wall with the picture he took! saying "Hey JK here's a picture of you not doing anything on your machine. Someday you'll realize that burning bridges comes back to you. Remember you can't bs Karma. Good Luck" By the way the picture of me was going through some mud on a trail with a couple small rooster tails which is honestly a pathetic picture to post in the first place I have much better ones so i was somewhat insulted. But at the end of the day if you want a dealership that does not care about the customer at all... Freedom Cycle in Concord NH is the place for you. I have all the documents to prove all of this. I feel bad for Can Am that this company represents your products because I did enjoy that machine until it was destroyed.
nesurf1 October 20, 2011 08:17 PM
Never had any problems, there are dealers alot closer to where I live but I do usually travel to them. They always call as soon as parts are in, with some other dealers, I have had to call only to find out the parts have been sitting there. The parts counter is always very helpful and the do seam to stock more parts than my local dealers. The girl who helps with the clothing and helmets has been great even when working with my children.
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