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2010 Honda CRF450R User Ratings

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2010 Honda CRF450R
2010 Honda
MSRP $8,099
The perennial darling of the enthusiast press and racers alike, the CRF450R returns in 2010 to take its rightful place at the head of the class. With class-leading power and handling, the CRF450R features the perfect blend of power, suspension and handling for a genuine revolution in the premier motocross class. No wonder the award-winning CRF450R has won more magazine shootouts than any motocrosser in modern history.
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2010 CRF450
By: josh
Posted: January 15, 2011
Engine: 5 Suspension: 2 Handling: 1
Transmission: 4 Ergonomics: 5 Value: 4
Brakes: 4 Components: 4 Reliability: 5
I bought the bike in july and rode it for approximately six months in all kinds of terrain. Pretty much a great bike except for a few things. Big issues were the suspension pretty stiff in the rear, if you like weekly visits to the chiropracter this is not the bike for you. Front was not to bad but i did find i had allot more vibration on hands than my 2smoke. The high speed handling of this bike is horrible. I went from a 2001 RM250 to this and the handling was better on the suzuki and its ten years older. You would think the technolgy on a new bike would be better. Has a tendancy to oversteer because you have to have the steering dampner turned all the way up for it to work which makes the bike turn extremely sharp but its very twitchy at high speeds. I have been throwing off the bike and over the bars in the sand twice now. If your looking for a trail bike this is not it strickley track. Unless your putting a new clutch in. Tight trails the bike a tendancy to constanly stall you really have to be on the clutch. Ive heard allot about honda quality but some issues i had was the chain rubbing away at the mud guard. And the side plate bolts stripped on me and the bike bike was not six months old had to get them retapped. I never once stripped a bolt on my suzuki which i had for a few years. If your looking for a bike with some aftermarket goodies you wont find it with honda. No excell rims or oversized bars or wide footpegs that all come standard on the other manufactures bikes. Smallist gas tank, crappy black oil dipstick which makes it hard to get an accurate oil reading. In closing the bike is decent but my biggest complaint was the high speed hadling this makes the bike very dangerous make your to wear all your gear because its just a matter of time before you go down. If i had the option to buy a new bike again i dont think it would be a honda.
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