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2010 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic - FLHTCU User Ratings

Your complete source for technical specifications and photos of the 2010 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic - FLHTCU

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2010 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic - FLHTCU
2010 Harley-Davidson
Electra Glide Ultra Classic - FLHTCU
MSRP $20,999
The Ultra Classic Electra Glide provides long-haul touring comfort, convenience, and cargo capacity, with unmistakable Harley style. The innovative Harley-Davidson Touring chassis is based on a single-spar, rigid backbone frame and a stout swingarm developed to withstand the demands of long-haul touring riders and today's more-powerful engines.
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2010 FLHTCU Police Edition
By: Chris Coates
Posted: December 13, 2010
Engine: 4 Suspension: 5 Handling: 5
Transmission: 5 Ergonomics: 5 Value: 5
Brakes: 5 Components: 5 Reliability: 5
I had ordered the special edition police model in March of 2010 and received the bike in June of that year. I have been a Goldwing owner for 20 plus years and this was my first Harley. I have always wanted an FLHTCU and at 56, I have finally got one.
I love riding this bike! I will not go back to a Goldwing, or any other bike for that matter. Other than feeling a lack of power from the 96, I can only compare it to the 1800cc GW. Other than that, the power is enough for me and I will leave it stock without adding a stage kit. I rode a Harley years ago when a friend let me. He had a 1988 Electra Glide I think. The new frame configuration, larger front wheel and 6 speed tranny are all significant improvements in the handling of this bike. I recently completed a trip from ND to NY and back (3800 miles) riding approximately 600 miles a day. I did purchase a driver's backrest prior to the trip. The ride was awesome, to say the least. Some might ask why I "converted" from a Goldwing to a Harley. My answer was I wanted to ride a bike that felt solid, sounded like a bike, and you could see the motor without having to remove several plastic parts. I really liked having a lower center of gravity versus the GW. The sound system is superior to the GW and the driver comfort was also better on the HD. Now I am having to wait till winter is over to start riding again. 6600 miles in 4 months. I am 5'8", 200 lbs.
2010 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic-FLHTCU
By: Ian Smith
Posted: November 30, 2010
Engine: 5 Suspension: 4 Handling: 4
Transmission: 4 Ergonomics: 5 Value: 5
Brakes: 5 Components: 4 Reliability: 5
In 2009 i purchased my FLHTCU over the internet from a dealer in St Paul MN for my planned trip to tour the USA on a Harley. I own a 2007 Standard Electra Glide in my home country so i was familiar with the riding capacity of this make of Harley Davidson. The outstanding feature of my FLHTCU was without question the ABS braking system in conjuction with the new tyre size that have been fitted to this model. The handling is an improvement on the previous model however there is still a slight flex in the frame when taking corners. The gearbox still has the familiar clunk when changing gears and i'm sure Harley will one day Patent the sound. The power on tap was adequate considering the amount of weight the bike was carrying and i see that for the 2011 model range the cubic capacity has increased so Harley Davidson must have realised that an improvement in power was needed.
The cruise control was a blessing in disguise on the long interstates as well as the sound system.
The luggage space is without doubt top in its class and the weight that the bike can carry is amazing. My partner and I rode on average 350 miles a day over a 8 week period thru some of the most amazing scenery and roads that the USA has to offer clocking 18000 miles, not once did we feel any discomfort whilst riding the FLHTCU which is expected from this class of touring motorcycle. An awesome machine for an awesome country.

Ian Smith
South Africa
2010 FLHTCU Review
By: C R Allison
Posted: September 25, 2010
Engine: 5 Suspension: 4 Handling: 4
Transmission: 5 Ergonomics: 5 Value: 5
Brakes: 5 Components: 5 Reliability: 5
I am 54 years old. I weigh 135 pounds with rocks in my pockets.
I am 5' 8" tall and not really a very big guy in general.
I had a 2003 FXD (I've out 90K mile on personally - bought it new) prior to buying the FLHTCU. The main reason I bought this
motorcycle was to make my wife happy. She was toally uncomforatble on the FXD.
At first, the FLH took some getting used to, in that this motorcycle handles guite a bit differently from the FXD. But after only 2,500 miles of riding, I feel confident.
The motorcycle is very well balanced and very smooth in shifting. When I need power fo passing, climbing or in tight curves, it does not fall on it's face. The standard 96CI engine does just fine for my needs. MArried to the 6 speed overdrive, crusing is awsome. Watch you tach!
Yeah, the tranny makes racket, but all H-D's tranny's make similar racket. To me the noise is comforting. After all, there's a lot of weight and tourgue distribution going on in between my legs and only stands to reason it's gonna talk back as it's doing what is asked of it.
This motorcycle is my vision of the best of the best. I feel like I have finally (after 43 years of motorcycling) reached the top of the line in bikes.
It's a "geezer-glide", sure. But hey! I have been down a lot of roads and have had many various breeds of bikes die under me. I feel this one will give me superior service above any of the Harley's I've owned or ridden. AND the old lady loves 'ol Pokie.
If you feel you need to bash on this series of motorcycle, then I truly beleive you need to sell it and get back in your cage. Obviously you do not have the experience to compare it to anything on two wheels.... period.
Stick with you bar hopper if you think you are a "biker" and can still come up with complaints about the FLHTCU. It's the tits, the best of the best and a biker's dream. Ride it like you stole it, maintain it like you love it or park it and stay on the porch. H-D, you have indeed risen to the heritage. The Electraglide is THE STANDARD of motorcycling touring excellence.
All the rest of them can dream on.
Happy motoring, be safe.
CR - Raymond MS
Very Good Bike
By: Geo
Posted: September 8, 2010
Engine: 5 Suspension: 5 Handling: 5
Transmission: 4 Ergonomics: 4 Value: 4
Brakes: 5 Components: 5 Reliability: 5
I am surprised by Bruce's general displeaure with the bike. This is our third Harley, having started with a new Dyna, we then moved onto a used Road King and finally in July, purchased the 2010 Electra Glide Classic. I am 6' tall and find the location of the handle bars superior to those on the Road King. I have not expereinced any discomfort with the Electra Glide, unlike the Road King; after an hour or so my back would stiffen up. I will agree with Bruce that the seat leaves something to be desired, but I found the addition of poperly located highway pegs solved any seat issues I had. The balance and ride of this bike is amazing considering its weight and fairly high center of gravity. The transmission is a noisy when shifting gears, but I found this with my other two Harleys as well. Perhaps I am too easy, but I just can't find anything of any consequence wrong with the bike.
Looking at the 2010
Posted: November 21, 2009
Engine: 4 Suspension: 5 Handling: 5
Transmission: 3 Ergonomics: 1 Value: 3
Brakes: 5 Components: 3 Reliability: 4
First the handle bars are too low for general comfort. This is a big bike made for the larger man. But the handle bars are low and down. Causing tention and stress on arms ,shoulders and back.
Seat is not made right for a man over 20 the soft butt cheek allows the seat to fall and on both sides and push on the prostate. Very uncomfortable. Exhaust is ok for sound but from the rear right tale pipe rusts making the bike look cheap and bad operation.
The good part is the bike handles well, and rides pretty smooth.
Because of bad weather I have only put 35oo on it in a month but time will tell if it holds up.
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