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2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager User Ratings

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2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager
2010 Kawasaki
Vulcan 1700 Voyager
MSRP $17,299
Flagship of the Vulcan 1700 family, the Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Voyager comes equipped with everything the serious touring rider needs to pile on the miles in comfort and style: a large frame-mounted fairing, amazing storage capacity, a sculpted touring seat, electronic cruise control, a premium sound system and a powerful long-stroke 1700cc, liquid-cooled, 52° V-Twin engine.
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Based on 6 Reviews

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By: jimsvoyager
Posted: September 4, 2012
Engine: 4 Suspension: 5 Handling: 4
Transmission: 4 Ergonomics: 4 Value: 5
Brakes: 5 Components: 4 Reliability: 5
I bought a leftover 2010 Voyager in April 2011. So far it's been a reliable bike. Yes, it's heavy and the engine does run hot, but compared to everything else I looked at, it was a good value in my opinion. For a 1700 cc engine, I'm not sure you can avoid some kind of heat problem. I'm getting about 43 MPG around town. The seat height was a major consideration (I wanted my feet firmly planted when I stop), price, along with storage space for overnight trips. I would buy another Voyager again, although fixing the heat problem would be a big plus.
Great Value and Good Performance
By: Mark Moore
Posted: November 29, 2010
Engine: 4 Suspension: 5 Handling: 5
Transmission: 4 Ergonomics: 5 Value: 5
Brakes: 5 Components: 5 Reliability: 5
I've ridden my 2010 Voyager ABS over 10000 miles since February. The only stock equipment I've replaced is the seat and the mirrors. The stock seat was comfortable enough for short rides, but the U-shaped dish form was very restrictive on longer rides. A Corbin Dual Tour seat took care of that problem. The stock mirrors (same as those on the Vulcan 1600 series) have stems that don't extend far enough to the side to allow good rear views. Kuryakyn Magnum Plus Large mirrors took care of that problem.

The engine is smooth and powerful, with a noticeable increase in power after break-in. Oil consumption is nil. There's no problem with preignition knock on mid-grade gas and gas mileage generally averages around 42 MPG in mixed highway/back road touring. In sixth gear, 3000 RPM gets you 80 MPH actual for relaxed mile-eating cruising.

The ABS brakes work very well and the suspension is, if not excellent, at least more than adequate. Handling is much better than that of my former Vulcan 1600 Classic. Once above parking lot speed, you won't know this is a 900-pound touring bike.

The radio works well. The cruise control is absolutely great. Fit and finish are good. There is some heat output on the right side, but it's nothing I can't live with and it's actually welcome when riding in cooler temperatures.

No other V-twin full tourer can match the Voyager for value and performance for the price.
Wish I didn't buy it
By: william b
Posted: August 3, 2010
Engine: 3 Suspension: 4 Handling: 4
Transmission: 4 Ergonomics: 4 Value: 2
Brakes: 5 Components: 2 Reliability: 2
I've owned my 2010 Voyager ABS for about four months now. I've taken one 7 day trip on it and I'm not happy.

First, the bike has an intermittent stalling problem that Kawasaki is aware of but does not have a solution for. The engine will stall when the clutch is pulled in and the rpm's start to fall, sometimes all the way to zero ! Dangerous and embarassing.

Second, the engine heat can be downright unbearable. Kawasaki claims the bike has liquid cooling. Come to find out the liquid cooling is only around the heads, not the entire engine. If the ambient temperature is above 80F and you get stuck in traffic you are going to roast. Even cruising at 70mph on the expressway the engine radiates so much heat you will feel it on your legs. Let the bike idle for a few minutes and the temp gauge is already climbing towards the sky.

Third, the radio reception fades in and out. According to a 'higher up' at Kawasaki this is normal. Really ?!? That's your answer ?

Fourth, the fuel gauge fluctuates too much. The gauge will read 1/8 tank, then the needle will fall below E, sit there for a couple of minutes, then jump back up, fall back down, etc. When it does fall you lose the display and the FUEL warning starts flashing. Very annoying. Once again, Kawasaki says this is 'normal'. The sending unit needs a better dampening circuit.

Fourth, the belt chirps and there is a very loud gear whine in 3rd gear.

Fifth, the dash rattles, the plastichrome bezels around the gauges have come loose and are starting to rattle. This is after fourth months, can't imagine what'll shake loose after a year.

The bike is comfortable and it does handle well but it has too many shortcomings for me to recommend it.
2010 Voyager
By: Bill H
Posted: April 17, 2010
Engine: 5 Suspension: 5 Handling: 5
Transmission: 5 Ergonomics: 5 Value: 5
Brakes: 5 Components: 4 Reliability: 5
I have had a 1500 Vulcan for the last three years. It's a great bike. So great that I kept it when I bought my Voyager.
The Voyager so far has made me very happy. Comfort, handling, fuel mileage(42 mpg)have all impressed me. The stereo leaves a little to be desired at highway speeds, but locally it is fine. I was really impressed with the handling and agility at all speeds. At this point, I'm very glad I made the purchase.
Kawasaki Voyager
By: jason keel
Posted: February 4, 2010
Engine: 3 Suspension: 3 Handling: 3
Transmission: 3 Ergonomics: 3 Value: 3
Brakes: 3 Components: 3 Reliability: 3
I am the proud owner of a 1985 Voyager 1300 6 cylinder motorcycle for over twenty years. I didn't get to drive the new Voyager at Americade last year because the demos at roaring brook ranch only had one bike running and one on a static display. You would think that Kawasaki would want to get some of their loyal Kawasaki owners some kind of priorty to test drive another Kawasaki. No such luck. They should of brought five or six bikes to the biggest touring rally in the world.I had to pay to get into the ranch to do test drives and I was dissapointed. Honda, BMW, and Triumph didn't even show up. Around 1995 Kawasaki sent one of its reps to Americade to adress voyager 12 and 13 owners to tell them they wouldn't be making any more multi cylinder touring bikes but would go V-twin because people wanted Harley type bikes. Everybody there told them to make another 6-cylinder or larger 4-cylinder tourer. Well it didn't happen.I would buy a Voyager if I could get to ride one. A dealer in the next state has one on his floor and cannot move it. He is willing to discount it too.I need to ride one first before spending the bucks. My wife wants me to buy a wing. I also own a Honda Valkyrie Torurer. Another bike that should still be in production. The new Voyagers rear trunk and saddle bags seem to be very flimsy and not made of plastic that is thick enough to withstand dailey wear and tear. I test drove a new ultra classic and after owning a 1973 Electra Glide I thought this bike wasn't worth 25 large.Air cooled engines on touring bikes are dinousaurs. The attraction of the Kawasaki is a reputation for quality, durability,performance, and value. I hope I get to test ride one soon.
A little Disapointed
By: terry
Posted: December 11, 2009
Engine: 4 Suspension: 3 Handling: 3
Transmission: 3 Ergonomics: 3 Value: 4
Brakes: 4 Components: 4 Reliability: 4
Have owned several Kawasaki bikes....Have a Nomad now...Was excited about the Voyager...Not happy they raised the height of the bike, like the height of my 06, lower profile....To me the transmission has 2 overdrive gears...Poor sound on the 2 speaker sound system.....Extreme heat from the engine on the inside of the legs...Had a passenger on and she had burn mark on her ankle from the exhaust on the right side of the bike....Also the right side of the crankcase sticks out further than the left and my leg kept touching it when i stopped, because of the added height my legs were in closer to the bike...Love the v twin....This bike is not what i was expecting, at first i was very excited...After several test drives i have held off on my purchase..Was hoping there would be changes in 2010, but i guess not....Will have to make the Nomad do for now...Great idea but needs work...
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