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Backmarker: Nuclear Cowboyz Gallery Photo Gallery

From the creative mind of two-time AMA Motocross Champion Micky Dymond, Nuclear Cowboyz is the first Freestyle Mototcross show to feature theatrical elements. Read more about its beginnings in Backmarker: Nuclear Cowboyz Inception.

10-time National Trials champion Geoff Aaron plays one of the urban-dwelling 'Shadow Warriors.'
About 10 charts like this one help riders to remember where they are in the show.
"I've been doing freestyle for six or seven years," the Mulisha's Derek 'G-Land' Garland told me. "This is definitely where it's going."
With fans becoming increasingly numb to difficult tricks, the Nuclear Cowboyz show aimed at providing more of a backdrop to set the scene.
The expression is, 'Walk softly, and carry a big stick,' but Dymond (with sledgehammer) is the kind of low-stress guy you want managing the barely-controlled chaos of installing and tearing down the Nuclear Cowbozy show. Several of the performers told me that he'd been a hero when they were kids, which made me feel pretty old.
Takayuki Higashino
Mike Mason welcomes the development of scripted freestyle shows. On the subject of contests, he said, "The tricks are getting to a point where unless you're willing to risk your life, it's hit a standstill."
With 20 people moving around in the dark at any given time on dirt bikes and quads a lot of mistakes can happen, so riders have to thoroughly choreograph all their movements.
Trials and Endurocross ace Keith Wineland wheelied across a bridge that I hardly wanted to walk across; it was that narrow.
The Nuclear Cowboyz FMX show is staged during a post-apocalyptic setting.
Derek Guetter performs a back flip on his ATV at Pittsburgh.
The riders' personal sponsors are happy to see their logos on display in front of well over 100,000 fans on the tour. Note the R.I.P. Lusk decal; all these guys are well aware that a scripted performance is safer than pushing the envelope in a contest.
The Nuclear Cowboyz show brings together freestyle motocross, dance, and music and delivers it in a highly choreographed theatrical-style performance.
Nuclear Cowboyz incorporates lots of eye candying in its show.