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Brammo Sportbike Photos Photo Gallery

See photos of the new Brammo Electric Sportbike, the Empulse RR, in action at Thunderhill.

Before actually racing we needed to go testing, and this is where the adventure begins - Thunderhill Raceway Park on April 20th.
Unlike some of the one-off, ultra-expensive competition they could potentially be facing, Brammo’s racebike is based on their soon-to-be-released Empulse production model.
Welcome to Part 1 of our on-going journey into the new frontier of electric motorcycle road racing.
A low-slung, specially designed liquid-cooled electric motor, produced in conjunction with team sponsor Parker, propels the rear wheel.
In this case the weight of the rear wheel and drivetrain, combined with the final gearing, tames the torque enough to allow it to be controlled directly by the rider’s throttle hand.
I was also taken back by how versatile the bike’s overall spread of power was for being a ‘single-speed’ machine.
After an initial shakedown run to make sure everything was in working order and a couple hot laps to start feeling out this silent stunner, the bike was put up on the charger to get it fully prepared for longer battery-life testing.
They have done extremely well packaging the 470 odd pounds very low in the chassis, allowing the bike to change direction on par with just about any middleweight on the market despite tipping the scales some 50 pounds heavier.
For improved corner agility, BST wheels joined in with a set of its full-carbon spinners, some of the lightest and highest quality wheels we have ever tested at MotoUSA (check out our full review of them on a Honda CBR600RR).
There’s no question the boys at Brammo have built a motorcycle that ticks many of the same spine-tingling boxes that an internal-combustion machine does, and we’ll see if come race weekend even more can be crossed off the list.
The Traxxion front-end and Works Performance shock combination, matched to Dunlop 250cc GP-spec racing slicks, makes for a bike that is extremely at home when pushed hard mid-corner - the Empluse RR begs one to explore elbow-dragging levels of lean-angle.
Housed within the extruded and welded aluminum frame is the massive lithium-ion battery pack designed and made by Brammo for the street-going Empulse, though beefed up for additional output in racing form.
One aspect that is impossible not to touch on is the nearly complete lack of sound from onboard.
The race machine gets a beefier box-section style rear swingarm, designed to handle the added loads produced by racing speeds.
The only way to find out was by swinging a leg over for a couple quick reconnaissance laps to see what the electric revolution is all about.
The design and manufacturing is top-shelf and in my opinion beautifully styled.
From the slowest corners right up to the fastest sweepers, the bike accelerates off each and every turn with torque akin to a very strong Supersport bike that’s humming along in just the right high-revving gear, yet would only run out of top-end near the end of Thunderhill’s relatively long front straight.
To wrap up our first test we had planned on doing a full-power dump, running it until totally out of juice to gauge the engine and battery’s full performance capabilities.
These binders provide the kind of feel and power that gives racers wet dreams, so Thank You Brembo for stepping up to the plate!
MotoUSA continued its shakedown of the Brammo electric superbike at Infineon Raceway after finishing the first test with some unanswered questions.
Initial inspection of the engine revealed that Demagnetization is what caused the motor to stop functioning.
Hydraulic and aerospace corporation Parker has re-designed the Brammo engine to prevent Demagnetization, and a 10-lap session at 80% of full power was conducted.
The first test session with the improved Brammo was successful and our lap times were matching up to what race leaders at Infineon were running last year.
A look at the test data from our first run revealed that the engine was running nearly 90F under the delamination point.
One of the small issues the bike had was a hiccupping sensation when the throttle was cracked wide open during corner exits.
The Brammo performed well during the second test and experienced only a minor loss of power in the final laps.
Completing the Infineon circuit under the previous 2010 qualifying lap record, the Brammo team had good reason to celebrate.
After charging the engine to full capacity, which tool approximately three hours, a full-power test was conducted.
A third test was undertaken at 80% power followed by another test at 95% to isolate the problem, but in both tests the hiccupping sensation was gone.
Contributing Editor Steve Atlas is racing the Brammo entry in the TTXGP class.
Steve Atlas, riding for the brand at Infineon.
Steve Atlas on Brammo Empulse RR - 2011 Infineon
Steve Atlas rode the Brammo Empulse to victory in the TTXGP race at Infineon.
2011 TTXGP podium.
Four rider field in the TTXGP: Brammo, Moto Electric, Volt and Proto Moto.
Atlas celebrating with one of the Brammo Racing umbrella girls.
Enjoying the sweet taste of victory.
Steve pointing to the hat that he and Brammo earned.
Everyone worked hard to get this victory but Steve-O has that grin like it will not be the last.
One of the TTX-GP girls joining Steve on the podium.
These two may be competition on the track, but on the podium it was all smiles.
There might have only been four bikes In the TTX-GP, but it didn’t mean Atlas’ work wasn’t cut out for him.
With the race about to begin from the rider to the guy who checked the tire pressure butterflies were in everybody’s stomachs.
Unlike other races the TTX-GP competitors would have words about equipment, racing, and just was a friendly environment.
Speed T.V. talking to Steve about if we could be going green anytime soon in the sportbike world.
Mission Motors might have been one of the easiest on the eyes, but it never made it to the track.
Miss Infineon Raceway was there to comfort the Brammo team when they came to the winner circle.
Some of the competition still has a little ways to go before it makes it the top.
One of the guys from Mythbusters showed up to check out the TTX races, could this be next on the show?
The TTX umbrella girls seemed to have a little crush on the winning machine.
Gas or Electric no matter what you will always have to have a great team behind you to get into that winner circle.
Racing the Brammo Empulse RR at Infineon.
After months of hard work Brammo lined up on the grid at Infineon for Round 1 of the TTXGP series.
Our final shakedown test at THunderhill helped to get baselines settings for the upcoming ReFuel event at Laguna Seca.
Thunderhill is one of our favorite race tracks. Much like Laguna Seca, T-Hill features a course cut into the natural terrain. The Brammo Empulse gets along well at this long, fast track.
Steve Atlas puts the Brammo Empulse R race bike through its paces at Thunderhill Raceway.
ReFuel gets underway at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Electric cars and motorcycles woudl split time at the famed circuit.
Steve Atlas on the Brammo Empulse is tracked through the Corkscrew by Mission Motorsports rider Steve Rapp.
Steve Atlas is familiar with Laguna Seca. In addition to numerous press introductions and track days he has also competed here a number of times. The most recent was aboard a Yoshimura built GSX-R1000 in the AMA Superbike class in 2010.
Currently Steve Atlas and the Brammo team are alone atop the championship standings after a dominating performance at Infineon Raceway. Heading into Laguna Seca, they have to be considered among the favorites.
Brammo conducted a final test at Thunderhill prior to the TTXGP season finale at Miller Motorsports Park in September.
Steve Atlas rips around Laguna Seca on the Brammo Empulse RR.
Who says racing electric motorcycles doesn't have the same sex appeal?
The TTXGP series is proof that electric motorcycle design has come a long way in a very short period of time.
Steve Atlas opted for a wider rear tire in hopes it would provide more grip while leaned over.
A competitive open practice session at Laguna Seca revealed that the top-three riders were within a second of each other.
Steve placed fifth during qualifying with a best time of 1'42.127.
Steve Atlas tipping it into the Corkscrew at Laguna Seca during the penultimate round of the 2011 TTXGP North American Championship.
Just moments after being overtaken by Himmelmann in the first turn, Brannetti ran wide while trying to outbrake both of them.
CRP's Brannetti, Steve Atlas and Himmelmann on the Much machine instantly became bunched at the start.
After getting a good start and running third after the first 100 meters, Atlas was quickly passed by Himmelmann.
2011 Laguna Seca TTXGP race
2011 Laguna Seca TTXGP race
2011 Laguna Seca TTXGP race
Set up on the Empulse RR was mainly geared toward corner speed and late breaking for the final round at Miller Motorsports Part's West Course.
During the final Atlas was nearly taken out on the opening lap as local rider Ted Rich tried to steal third place.
Steve Atlas learned some tricks from local MMP riders who were choosing different lines.
Steve Atlas: "The debate now was: how hard should we push to go for a podium and end the season on a high note while still not risking what the weekend was really all about: The Championship."
2011 Miller Motorsports Park TTXGP race
Steve Atlas: "Simply being able to say you designed and built a motorcycle from scratch, one which is propelled completely by electricity, is an awesome feat. But to do so and enter it in a three-race series against the best prototype machine North America has to offer and end up on top in truly amazing."
Steve Atlas: "When it’s taken a whole team of guys putting in countless hours of blood, sweat and tears to get to that point, but it’s only you who can add what is needed to make all the payless overtime worthwhile, it takes things to a totally different level."
During the initial practice session changes were made to the gearing and suspension.
2011 Miller Motorsports Park TTXGP race
2011 Miller Motorsports Park TTXGP race
After many hours of testing and preparation, the entire TTXGP Championship came down to the final race.
Steve Atlas: "The more I played various situations through my head the bigger the butterflies in my stomach grew. I barely had enough time to replenished my fluids and eat a quick bagel and second call to grid was echoing across the paddock."
2011 Miller Motorsports Park TTXGP race
During qualifying Atlas misjudged the session time and failed to snag pole, but he was still running faster than his rival.
2011 Miller Motorsports Park TTXGP race
Eric Bostrom will race the Empulse RR at Laguna Seca in 2012.