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2011 AMA Motocross Photo Gallery

Check out all the latest pictures from the 2011 AMA Motocross season.

Motorcycle-USA's Adam Waheed interviews Chad Reed.
Chad Reed testing the 2012 Honda CRF450R
Suzuki's Ryan Dungey scored second overall at Hangtown behind Chad Reed.
Tyla Rattray: “It was great to finally get back outdoors and race motocross. I felt good and I’m pretty happy to get on the podium. The track was super rough and by our second moto, it was very physically demanding. It would be great to get back up there again next weekend.” - Hangtown 2011
Dean Wilson: “The day started off great, but I made a mistake that cost me too much time to reach my teammates up front. I really wanted to win, but it was a good weekend overall. I got some good points and I’ll try for the win again next week.” - Hangtown 2011
Honda's Justin Barcia had to settle for 13th overall at Hangtown after crashing in the final moto.
Chad Reed was clearly enjoying himself at the races, but he proved to everyone that he's not here to goof around. - Hangtown 2011
Just seconds before the gate dropped on the first 250 main. - Hangtown 2011
Ryan Villopoto: "It was a tough track today and recovering from being sick definitely didn’t help. It’s good to get back into racing motocross after being out of it for so long. I got some good points and we still have 11 races left. I’ll be working hard to get a win.” - Hangtown 2011
Having not raced in three months, Aussie Brett Metcalfe had a good return at Hangtown and finished fifth overall.
In his first ever professional Motocross event Suzuki City's Malcolm Stewart obtained the lead on the opening lap of the first moto. - Hangtown 2011
KTM's Marvin Musquin had an amazing climb from dead last up to sixth in the second moto to finish fifth overall at Hangtown.
Frenchman Christophe Pourcel made his debut in the premier MX class aboard MotoConcepts Yamaha with 7-11 moto scores. - Hangtown 2011
It was good to see Christophe Pourcel back at the races. He's riding for MotoConcepts Yamaha and finished eighth overall. - Hangtown 2011
Chad Reed - Hangtown Motocross 2011
Broc Tickle: “I felt good all day, unfortunately my results didn’t show it. When I feel good, but have a tough day, it makes me even more motivated to go out the next week and make up for that last race. I’m glad we got the first race out of the way and I’m looking forward to Texas.” - Hangtown 2011
Honda's Eli Tomac got the holeshot and finished third in Moto 1 but just missed the overall podium at Hangtown.
Kawasaki's Jake Weimer had a terrible first moto in which he finished outside the top-20, but he rebounded in the final moto of the day with a sixth-place finish. - Hangtown 2011
Honda's Kevin Windham had the holeshot in moto 1 but suffered a mechanical problem and dropped off the pace, eventually finishing sixth. - Hangtown 2011
Ryan Dungey - Freestone motocross 2011
Chad Reed - Freestone motocross 2011
Kawasaki's Blake Baggett tossed the win away in the first moto after crashing and struggling to restart his bike. - Freestone motocross 2011
Ryan Dungey suffered bitter disappointment in the second round after his bike broke down in the final moto. - Freestone motocross 2011
Dean Wilson earned second overall with 1-3 moto scores. - Freestone motocross 2011
Brett Metcalfe is seen here wearing a portable hydration system to keep cool and hydrated in the Texas heat. - Freestone motocross 2011
Yamaha rider Davi Millsaps earned second overall at Freestone thanks to a runner-up finish in the final moto.
Tyla Rattray continued to perform well this season by taking the second overall victory for Kawasaki in the Lites class. - Freestone motocross 2011
Reed claimed the overall win at Freestone with a double victory.
Ryan Villopoto - Freestone motocross 2011
Kawasaki's Broc Tickle had his bike break down in the first moto and finished 12th overall for the day at Freestone.
Scotsman Dean Wilson (above) snared his first moto win of the 2011 season at Freestone after Justin Barcia and Blake Baggett both crashed out of the lead.
Honda's Kevin Windham failed to finish in the overall top-15 at Freestone after 28-9 moto scores.
KTM's Mike Alessi participated in his first race of the outdoor season since injuring himself during practice at Hangtown. - High Point 2011
Kawasaki's Blake Baggett came back from disappointing results in the last round for the overall win at High Point.
Ryan Dungey came back from disappointment in Texas with a second-place overall finish at High Point.
Privateer rider Darryn Durham had the lead for the majority of moto 1 at High Point before eventually finishing in fourth.
Tommy Hahn - High Point 2011
Brett Metcalfe - High Point 2011
Davi Millsaps has earned top-six finishes in every round so far. - High Point 2011
As tough as Tyla Rattray Is, the South African couldn't match Baggett's pace and had to settle for runner-up. - High Point 2011
Chad Reed survived difficult conditions in Moto 2 for the win ahead of Villopoto and Dungey. He finished fifth overall. - High Point 2011
Ryan Villopoto - High Point 2011
Honda's Eli Tomac improved in the second moto and grabbed his first overall podium of the season. - High Point 2011
Ryan Villopoto earned his first victory of the 2011 Motocross season at High Point ahead of Ryan Dungey.
Kawasaki's Jake Weimer had a terrific fight with Chad Reed in the first moto before he crashed. - High Point 2011
Dean Wilson fumbled in the second moto and gave up the lead. He finished fourth overall with 2-8 moto scores. - High Point 2011
Kevin Windham - High Point 2011
Mike Alessi led the first two laps in Moto 1 and the first four laps in Moto 2. It's only a matter of time before the KTM rider develops staying power. - Budds Creek 2011
Kevin Windham went 4-4-4 in his final ride for factory Honda. - Budds Creek 2011
Mike Alessi - Budds Creek 2011
Geico Honda's Justin Barcia finished third overall with 6-2 moto scores as the top Honda rider. - Budds Creek 2011
Blake Baggett (#57) had a great start in the second moto, but his lead was erased after he went over the bars and got up in 39th place. - Budds Creek 2011
Chad Reed holeshot - Budds Creek 2011
DNA Shred Stix Star Racing Yamaha's Kyle Cunningham battled with Wilson early on in Moto 1, eventually finishing fourth. - Budds Creek 2011
Ryan Dungey - Budds Creek 2011
Brett Metcalfe: "It was a pretty positive day for me. I went six-six for sixth overall and there were some positives and negatives, but overall I felt pretty good. The negative side of the day was bad starts in both motos." - Budds Creek 2011
Tyla Rattray did what he had to by winning the overall victory at Budds Creek. He cleared another two points on championship rival and teammate, Dean Wilson.
Chad Reed won again at Budds Creek, extending his championship lead.
Chad Reed - Budds Creek 2011
Ryan Villopoto took the win in Moto 2 and commanded the pace for much of the day. - Budds Creek 2011
Kawasaki's Dean Wilson ran away in Moto 1 after getting a terrific holeshot. - Budds Creek 2011
Kevin Windham finished fourth overall at Budds Creek.
Ryan Dungey: "It means a lot to get this win. We're five rounds in and I wish it could have come earlier, but that's racing. I have to give it up for Team Rockstar Makita Suzuki; we've all been working our butts off. This win feels really good." - Thunder Valley 2011
Blake Baggett: "I felt great. It was definitely a difficult track and the second moto it was a little unpredictable. I tried to ride smart and smooth and it worked out. I hope I can try and get two in a row because I haven’t been able to put together back-to-back weekends.” - Thunder Valley 2011
Ryan Villopoto: "I didn’t win, but it is definitely something to build on and I know it will only get better from here. The track was pretty tough, especially the second moto, but we were able to pick up some points today, which is the main goal.” - Thunder Valley 2011
Dean Wilson: "I want a win, but ultimately it’s about the championship and I’ll take the points. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and eventually a win will come. It is a little hard because I know I have the ability to win, but I’m focusing on the championship.” - Thunder Valley 2011
KTM's Mike Alessi finished 14th overall at Thunder Valley after crashing out of Moto 2.
Kawasaki's Blake Baggett swept both motos at Thunder Valley ahead of Dean Wilson.
Ryan Dungey overtook Chad Reed in both motos to eventually take his first overall win of the 2011 season. - Thunder Valley
Darryn Durham continues to excel in the 250 class where he took another top-five finish at Thunder Valley behind Eli Tomac.
Tyla Rattray: "I didn’t feel like I rode to my potential and that makes me a little frustrated. I know I am capable of much more, but I’ll have to put this one behind me and put in a solid week to get ready for the next race. I have had good results at Red Bud and maybe I can get another win there.” - Thunder Valley 2011
TwoTwo Motorsports' Chad Reed took third overall and still leads the championship ahead of Ryan Villopoto. - Thunder Valley 2011
Local favorite Andrew Short nabbed fifth overall with 7-8 moto scores at Thunder Valley.
Geico Honda's Justin Barcia took holeshots in both motos at Thunder Valley.
Chad Reed got the holeshot in Moto 2 but couldn't keep the lead with Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto nipping at his heels. - Thunder Valley 2011
Eli Tomac put his Geico Honda on the box at his home race. - Thunder Valley 2011
Ryan Villopoto continued his pattern of winning the first moto, but couldn't overthrow Dungey in Moto 2. - Thunder Valley 2011
Kevin Windham: "I've had a great time riding Motocross this season," said Windham. "It's been so much fun, I'm going to race at least a few more rounds. The fans have played a big role in my decision. The crowd support at each race has been kind of overwhelming. I can hear them cheering me on all around the track and so many people come by the transporter to see me and talk with me that I'm just amazed." - Thunder Valley 2011
Justin Barcia had another rough day after crashing twice in the first moto. - Red Bud 2011
Blake Baggett led a team green asault on the podium at Red Bud by taking both motos in dominant fashion.
TwoTwo Motorsports' Chad Reed earned another overall at Red Bud and increased his lead in the championship. - Red Bud 2011
While Ryan Dungey remains consistent his runner-up finishes are not getting the job done. - Red Bud 2011
Mike Alessi - Red Bud 2011
Blake Baggett - Red Bud 2011
Justin Barcia - Red Bud 2011
Suzuki's Ryan Dungey had an amazing battle with Chad Reed in the final lap of Moto 1. - Red Bud 2011
Ryan Villopoto remains 16 points behind Chad Reed after crashing in the first moto and finishing ninth. - Red Bud 2011
Kawasaki's Blake Baggett earned his second consecutive overall win of 2011 at Red Bud after clenching both motos in dominant fashion.
Chad Reed knew what he needed to do at Red Bud and accomplished it while under pressure from Dungey and Villopoto.
Eli Tomac crash - Red Bud 2011
Chad Reed - Millville 2011
Dean Wilson - Millville 2011
Whether it's the new hair or just plain luck, TwoTwo Motorsports' Chad Reed survived a horrific crash at Millville to still lead the series by six points.
Suzuki's Ryan Dungey made his most aggressive pass of the season to clench the overall victory ahead of Ryan Villopoto. - Millville 2011
Tyla Rattray: "Putting together two decent finishes is always the goal and it worked to our favor today, especially with the points gap tightening up. It’s nice to feel like I can get right back in it." - Millville 2011
Blake Baggett: "I had a crash while practicing earlier this week that dislocated my collarbone and I was pretty sore coming into the weekend. I didn’t get the starts I wanted and had to work a little harder than I wanted. I am happy that I was able to get back on the podium, but it’s hard to be happy with anything but a win." - Millville 2011
Trey Canard - Millville 2011
Blake Baggett overtook Kyle Cunningham to keep Kawasaki on the podium in both motos. - Millville 2011
In his first motocross race in the 450s Honda's Trey Canard posted third overall with 5-3 moto scores. - Millville 2011
Suzuki's Ryan Dungey pulled off the win at his home track in Minnesota to push the 2011 MX Championship even closer. - Millville 2011
Kawasaki's Tyla Rattray won his third moto of the season en route to taking the overall at Millville.
Chad Reed had the scariest crash of his career at Millville after losing control of his Honda on the face of a jump.
Though he looked strong in the second moto, Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto couldn't hold back Dungey and finished second overall. - Millville 2011
Dean Wilson is still searching for his first overall win of the season after finishing second for sixth consecutive time. - Millville 2011
Southwick, 2011.
Washougal is one of the most scenic tracks on the AMA Motocross schedule.
Ryan Villopoto - Washougal 2011
Trey Canard suffered more setback after crashing hard at Washougal and breaking his femur again.
Though Dean Wilson keeps his lead in the series, the Scotsman is still on the hunt for his first overall win of the season. - Washougal 2011
MIke Alessi was forced to give up a good position in Moto 2 with the restart. He finished sixth overall. - Washougal 2011
Blake Baggett took the opening moto on his Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki. - Washougal 2011
Justin Brayton - Washougal 2011
Kyle Cunningham just missed the overall podium in Washington after finishing fourth with 3-7 scores.
Ryan Dungey (shown) nearly captured the opening moto victory from home-crowd favorite, Ryan Villopoto. - Washougal 2011
It's official: Ryan Dungey will wear orange for the 2012 SX/MX season.
Rockstar Makita Suzuki's Brett Metcalfe earned his best finish of the season so far at Washougal by taking third overall behind Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto.
Tyla Rattray was 0.6 seconds away from an overall victory. His 2-2-2 keeps him as championship runner-up. - Washougal 2011
Chad Reed was obviously not his normal self following his big crash in Millville. - Washougal 2011
Ryan Villopoto (#2) Moto 1 holeshot at Washougal - 2011
MotoConcepts Yamaha's Tommy Hahn secured seventh overall in Washington with 8-7 moto scores.
Ryan Villopoto was denied a victory at Washougal, but he didn't lose any ground on Dungey and took over the title chase.
Dean Wilson rode like a man possessed in the second moto but a win wasn't good enough to get the overall. He still leads the championship. - Washougal 2011