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2005 Honda Rune Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2005 Honda Rune. 2005 Valkyrie Rune Comparo.

A beautiful seamless fuel tank arches gracefully over the chrome six-cylinder motor.
The Rune's radiator looks like it was plucked from a '32 Deuce coupe.
It has neither the most horsepower or the most torque, but the Rune's 1832cc flat-Six motor has a delicious soul that intoxicates its rider.
Honda went to great lengths to engineer every aspect of the Rune, including a nifty remote steering lock.
A single-sided Unit Pro-Link swingarm shows off the 5-spoke rear wheel that mimics the look of a '60s Halibrand magnesium car wheel.
Honda's Rune is a visual feast from front to back.
The Rune's riding position has the riders arms resting comfortably low with a slight forward lean and footpegs that are placed under your knees.
The Rune loses its hefty feeling once above a walking pace, responding like a smaller machine despite having the longest wheelbase of any Honda.
The Rune's wrap-around rear fender also borrows cues from the'50s lead-sled movement.
With its radical appearance and affinity for spinning up its rear tire, the Rune can make even schlubs like Ken look like a superhero!
The Rune is fitted with the largest set of front and rear brakes Honda has ever fitted to a motorcycle.
Fired up, the exhaust tone out of those radical dual-outlet exhaust pipes is deep and burbly.
The Rune draws supermodel levels of attention; too bad its price is also in the supermodel caliber.
With its single-sided swingarm, mag-style wheels, trailing-link fork and color-shifting paint, Honda's Rune looks like it jumped off the pages of a sci-fi comic book.
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Honda's Rune proved to be capable in the twisty stuff, but too little ground clearance hindered its cornering prowess.
2005 Bruiser Cruiser Shootout - Performance Data
The Rune would be nearly impossible for a custom bike builder to duplicate, and much time can be spent taking in its many facets of beauty.
As a side note, the Rune's trailing link front end provides some measure of anti-dive effect during hard braking.
"The completion of this model run doesn't herald an end to this fabulous motorcycle, nor to Honda's determined pursuit of bringing concepts to production reality." - Ray Blank, Honda Motorcycle Division Vice President