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Mods vs. Rockers Chicago Photo Gallery

MotoUSA looks back on the British sub-culture of Mods vs. Rockers through its resurgence in America at the Mods vs. Rockers Chicago Rally.

While Mods may not wear the style of their 1960s predecessors, many revert to a minimalist approach with fitted jeans and tennis shirts.
Rolled cuffs and scuffed leathers are only
one part of the equation. Rockers also
make use of vintage bikes and fully alter
them to fit their taste.
Rockers often favored the rock and roll style of artists like Elvis Presley, Eddir Cochran and Gene Vincent.
The Triumph motorcycle seen above and many of the motorcycles behind it are part of the 'Rocker' lifestyle.
The Mods vs. Rockers youth movement pits highclass fashion and culture with the more brutish, tough-guy image of rockers. Each style can distinctly be seen in your choice of ride.
Physical violence between the original two groups led society to label them as drug users and hooligans, and the movement eventually dies out in the '70s.