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2006 Suzuki M109R Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2006 Suzuki M109R. 2006 Suzuki M109R First Ride.

Bayly’s tender tailbone sought refuge in the plush, comfy saddle, which the Suzuki was happy to oblige.
Light throttle action makes piloting the Suzuki even more enjoyable.
It might look small from a distance, but it’ll get big in a hurry when coming at you.
Getting too aggressive on the M109R will result in some lighter footpegs, but the bike still turns fairly well for such a large machine.
Suzuki managed to keep the burly machine relatively agile, adding to the versatility and fun value of the M109R.
A 240-section rear tire will leave a fatty strip on the boulevard, and a lasting impression on your buddies.
Heavy weight and a large rear tire would lead many to believe that this bike might be difficult to turn. Quite the contrary, the Suzuki flows through corners with ease.
Suzuki hopes that its newest cruiser doesn’t become water under the bridge in the competitive market. According to Bayly, it probably won’t.
Riders seeking a bike that can take them on long-distance sightseeing adventures will be happy with the comfortable riding position on the M109R.
Excellent scenery and a bike that's pleasurable to ride make for an excellent day cruisin'. Suzuki hopes to attract customers with just this scenario in mind with its new power-cruiser, the capable M109R.
Suzuki riding instructor, Kevin Schwantz.
Black leathers, black bike, black pavement… What else could you want?
Kevin Schwantz, former 500cc GP champion knows where to go in his home state of Texas.
Classic, yet futuristic, the M109R’s adaptability will make it seem right at home in a variety of environments.
On the Boulevard. Suzuki aptly named its newest power-cruiser in the sense that this machine looks right at home cruisin’ the strip of Anytown, USA.
The sheer size of this bike will make it a handful for daily commuting.
Purple is nice, especially against the Driskill Hotel backdrop. Suzuki has unique styling that incorporates only minimal amounts of plastic, and even those are hard to find.
The M109R is the newest Boulevard machine. Suzuki has offered smaller versions of the machine in years past.
At home in the Lone Star state, Suzuki picked a perfect spot for releasing its newest power-cruiser to the press.What a lovely sight. All thoughts of a career change immediately vanish when you know that one of these babes has your name on it.
At home in the Lone Star state, Suzuki picked a perfect spot for releasing its newest power-cruiser to the press.
Can you really have too much silver?
Silver is sleek on the M109R.
As a modern day getaway for you bank robbers, don’t forget that it’ll be a handful squeezing between police-car road blocks.
A claimed 127 horsepower keeps things interesting on the road. A linear powerband may seem docile to some, but our tester found that the motor makes good power across the spectrum.
Ahh, the life. Nothing but an open road and your fellow magazine compatriots/competitors.
Up front, a 46mm fork looks mean while providing adequate ride support for the 700-pound beast.
The instrument panel is clean and minimalist, as it should be on cruisers.
Kevin Schwantz gave the guided tour, an extra touch of pizzazz for the journos on hand.
Clean lines and a somewhat futuristic look make this new cruiser different from the competition. The M109R is available in three color choices.
The exhaust pipe covers are chromed out and add plenty of bling to the snazzy looking Suzuki.
Suzuki is betting that this baby will eat up the miles. After our test, we’d say that the only thing keeping that from happening is the line at the Suzuki dealership.
Well, it certainly isn't a cafe' racer, but going fast on the M109R is easy enough. Wide tires, decent suspension and a hefty amount of mass make for a stable high-speed run.