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Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Motorcycle Enthusiasts is a motorcycle dealership located in Spring Hill, FL selling Arctic Cat, KTM, Triumph motorcycles. Contact and map Motorcycle Enthusiasts through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
5138 Commercial Way
Spring Hill, FL 34606
Arctic Cat, KTM, Triumph
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4 Users rated the Dealer an average of 1.0
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oldpunker69 February 22, 2015 11:38 AM
This place is a complete rip off and they will never see one penny of my money ever again. I had my yamaha yz250f on consignment at motorcycle enthusiasts for approx. 3 months. When I brought my bike there it was running fine, there was quite a bit of interest but no one made an offer. Last week the owner called me and said someone made a low offer on my bike but said the customer would not buy it unless it was running perfectly, so Dave (the owner) said it was probably from sitting around and needed the carbs cleaned and they could do it for just over $100 so I said go ahead and do it because they had and offer on the bike. 2 days later go to the shop expecting a check for my bike and one of the worker says I was just going to call you there was a problem with the carb. There is a rubber piece with in the carburetor that can not be replaced and it is going to cost $1300 for a new carburetor so I refused to buy the new carburetor and they also stated they spent 5 hours working on my carb, anyway they told me the were refunding the customers money and I would have to take the bike home because they could not sell the bike the way it was running here's the best part he gives me a bill for almost $300 for repairs to me bike that was not fixed when I only authorized $100 repair. So I called a buddy of mine and explained what happened and he referred me to a guy he knows that works at a yamaha dealer for over 20 years. I got in contact with him and told him what happened and dropped my bike off to him a few days later. He ordered the piece that Motorcycle Enthusiasts said could not be bought and he had it waiting when I dropped it off. He called me a few hours later and said my bike was done and it did not need that piece Motorcycle Enthusiasts said it needed, he told me they had installed the slide plate upside down in the carburetor which would cause the bike to run like crap. He also stated they did nothing right on my bike and they had no idea what they were doing and should not be working on bikes, needless to say my bike runs excellent no thanks to Motorcycle Enthusiasts. Beware stay away from this place.
SoSlow May 2, 2014 10:24 AM
I have to agree with the other comment, this place is way out of line. I brought my ATV there for a simple carb cleaning. Normally, I do this myself, but I didn't have the time. I was quoted a price of about $90, and signed their contract stating that they can go up to $100 for the service (Just in case an o-ring or screw had to be replaced.) I was asked if I wanted my valves checked and I replied "no", as they were checked a few months earlier by Barney's. I go back to the shop to pick up the ATV to find a bill for $170. I asked why was the repair so much and was told the the bike needed other repairs. I look at the repair log, and they checked the valves. Subsequently, they were fine and needed no adjustments. When I complained about the overage, I was told to pay, or they wouldn't release the ATV. I also asked why wasn't I called since they went over the amount I told them to stay under. The response I received was that they don't have time to call all their repair customers. So, I pay the charge and grab the ATV. Worse part, the carb still needed to be adjusted, sounded like Jiffy Pop! The shop has a pretty poor reputation with people in the area of Hernando County. After I talked to a few local riders, I quickly found that being overcharged for service is what they are known for.
greek March 25, 2011 09:37 AM
Do not buy from this dealer, you will get fuc&. go to tampa and but your ktm. The guys at this bike shop don't know there head from there ass. Wasted my time there!!!!
greek March 25, 2011 09:27 AM
This dealer suck, give you one price then you go to buy it for the price he gave you and it more money. Like $1000.00 more. Go some where they don't lie to there buyers, Just to get them in the door. This dealer just plan suck!!!! Got a great deal in tampa. $7599.00 Out the door for a ktm 300wc. This dealer needs to close his doors!!!!
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