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StreetRyder Offers New Passenger SportBar

Monday, November 8, 2010
StreetRyder passenger sportbar
SR Sportbar offers street bike rider relief & passenger support.
This new product SR SportBar provides passenger support during travel, braking, and acceleration eliminating the need to lean uncomfortably forward against the rider. The passenger reaches on either side of the rider, grasps the hand holds, rests the magnet against the fuel tank, and uses SR SportBar for forward support. The most innovative aspects of SR SportBar are simplicity and ease of use, because no modification of the motorcycle is needed for its installation and removal. During travel the SR SportBar relieves rider fatigue experienced from supporting the passenger as they lean forward to hold on. During braking the SR SportBar provides the passenger a bracing support thus eliminating passenger to rider weight shift which crushes rider and bangs helmets. During hard acceleration the SR SportBar may come off the tank slightly and against the rider for support thus giving passengers security from falling off the back of the motorcycle, when rider throttles down the magnet will again reattach to the tank.

The SR SportBar is contoured to hug the rider’s body. It puts rider and passenger in parallel riding positions improving balance and handling. It’s good for riding kids as well, who otherwise have no secure means of holding on. With the magnet’s silicone rubber cover and use of a tank pad the fuel tank is well protected. The magnet is powerful enough to go through these as well as the plastic covering found on some sport bike fuel tanks.

SR SportBar is more affordable than similar products which require motorcycle modification and retail for $200-$600. The base model is expected to retail for $60-$80 while future models with various options may retail for $150. SR SportBar is now available at Malcolm Smith Motorsports and Callaway Motorsports in Riverside, Ca with future retailers coming soon, and online at www.StreetRyder.com

StreetRyder is a new company driven to thinking “outside the box” for the purpose of developing new innovative products across all industries but especially motorsports. “Imagination is more important than knowledge…” Albert Einstein. We have several new designs on the drawing board and in development. StreetRyder will continue collaboration with progressive companies and individuals in sales, distribution, product ventures, and R&D in order to convert our products from imaginative dreams into life bettering reality!

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josh -works great  January 2, 2011 09:40 PM
just wanted to comment on Maxx... what ever happens to the lead rider happens to the lead rider, if your afraid of crashing dont get on a bike. in any event, in an accident i wouldnt be too worried about this lil aluminum bar, id be more worried bout getting run over. anyway. ive used this thing and was skepitcal but i got to say, it works like a charm and after actually using it, my mind was changed. thanks streetryder
Maxx -looks dangerous  November 16, 2010 01:59 AM
But what happens to the lead rider in an accident? People that cannot hold on probably should not be on a bike. Answers that create problems are not answers.
Tom Leaf -fury  November 12, 2010 10:46 PM
Funny ! You almost got me with this one,but then I realised it wasn't 1st of April. This thing is surly a Joke ? Perfect for scratching up the gass tank and ripping the rider off the seat under harsh throttle action.Ha,Ha. What next,extended handle bars so the passenger can hang on and share controle of the bike ?
Casey Cotton -CBR17RR  November 12, 2010 12:03 PM
Great idea Street Ryder! I read that it can even work with the plastic covered tanks. I ride a 2008 CBR1000RR.. so I'm guessing it'd work? Neat.