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Monster Energy Cup Dave Prater Interview

Friday, September 23, 2011
Nearly 44 000 fans packed inside Angels stadium for the kick-off of the 2010 Supercross season.
The boys prepare to go at it in the 250F Lites class main event.
It was Rockstar Suzukis Ryan Dungey with the holeshot in the 20-lap 450 main.
Las Vegas, Nevada’s Sam Boyd Stadium will host the first-ever Monster Energy Cup on Saturday, October 15, 2011. The race will feature a long course with both Supercross and motocross elements.
The folks at Feld Motor Sports certainly know a thing or two about putting together entertaining shows. Just look at what they’ve done with the AMA Supercross series, a motorcycle racing series that is arguably one of the best in the world. Hoping to capitalize on its successful stadium-style dirt bike racing formula it’s teamed with Monster Energy to bring racing enthusiasts the first-annual Monster Energy Cup. Earlier this summer, we spoke with Feld’s Supercross Director, Dave Prater for some insight on how this event came to fruition. For more information on the race or to purchase tickets check out the Monster Energy Cup website.
It’s a brand new event: Monster Energy Cup. It’ll be October 15, Saturday at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. It’s a one-day event—Saturday only. We’re trying to make it something completely different. We don’t want it to be another Supercross. The concept is kind of a hybrid track something between Supercross and motocross. We’re starting fresh and able to come up with something completely new and different.
Dirt Wurx is going to actually build it. [Ricky] Carmichael and Rich from Dirt Wurx are going to basically design the motocross sections. Jeremy [McGrath] is going to design the Supercross portion and Ricky is going to design the motocross section. The plan is to take it out to the asphalt-pit area just to give us a little more track length because we’re trying to do a long long motocross-style track in a stadium. If you’re in the pit area during the day, a portion of the track will come right by you. At least initially the plan is to have Ricky focus on that section. Instead of doing that horseshoe and coming back in the stadium right away they are going to come out and do a left and shoot out that gate into the parking lot and that’s the area we’re going to use as the pits. And then go around that small grass area around the parking lot and jump back in the stadium.
We’re inviting all the riders. Basically I took everyone who scored at least one point in the Supercross or East and West Lites class they are all on the invite list. We’re also inviting some European riders from the GPs, the top-10 or so guys. And we’re also going to bring the 250 A-class and the Supermini classes—the top-12 finishers from both of those classes to complete in their own class. If you have an AMA pro license give me a call and I’ll let you in.

Yes. 250A, Supermini 12-15, and the Open Class and they can ride whatever they want 450, 250, two-stroke, whatever.

Angel Stadium in Anaheim  California hosted Round 1 of the Monster Energy Supercross season.
Monster Energy Supercross girls.
Stewart finished third at Anaheim.
The Monster Energy Cup will be open to any rider who holds an AMA Supercross or motocross racing license. European riders are also invited as some 250A and Supermini racers.

October is kind of a strange time for riders. For some their contracts are up and they are looking for new rides and that type of thing. The Supercross series is so strong so we just wanted to do another event, but again, we want it to be completely different. It’s the same riders for the most part obviously with exception of the European riders. But what we were really going for is when you walk in the stadium you look at it and go ‘holy cow this is something completely different’.
I’m not really naming names yet. But I know [Roger] DeCoster has talked to [Antonio] Cairoli (2011 MX1 Champ) and he seems interested. I also talked to DeCoster about having [Ken] Roczen and [Marvin] Musquin. The invitation is there hopefully they’ll come out.
It’s a $250,000 purse and $100,000 to win and then the main events are broken down into three 10-lap main events. And if you win all three you win a million dollars. It’s the first-time a cash prize that big has ever been offered. We’re partnering with Monster and we wanted to have it bigger and better than anything before. And what better way than to offer a million bucks to someone… and they're 10-lap sprints so it’s anybody’s game really.
It will be similar as far as format to Supercross. Gates will open at 12:30 pm. Practice and qualifying will be from 12:30 to 5:30 pm. Opening ceremonies will start at 7:00 pm. It’s going to be neat to see something different. It’s still in a stadium and its still dirt bikes racing but it’s a different feel, a different flavor. Obviously the energy of having that much money on the line it’s going to be something new. 
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