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Salt Addiction: Anatomy of a Crash Photo Gallery

Forever in search of speed, Rocky Robinson and the Top 1 Ack Attack Team hit a rough patch while attempting to break the 400 mph land speed barrier. Read more about the incident in Salt Addiction: Anatomy of a Crash.

The newly installed traction control which I’m hoping finds its way into a box on a dusty shelf in the back of the race shop.
The traction control calibration box and shifting light were mounted front and center and hindered my view. They’ve since been removed…
Close up of some of the damage caused by the crash. Notice the multiple dents in the nose tank and the front shock ripped from its mount. The front swingarm pivot was twisted nearly ¾ of an inch.
The deep groove in the salt is from the spinning rear tire moments before the bike went down. The ambulance and safety crew are already at the scene assessing the situation.
The upper left frame rail snagged against the salt and tore free from the chassis. The tube lying on the salt in the background connected the nose tank to the engines.
Moments after the accident the bike righted and the emergency crew tends to the driver.
The open roll cage hit hard upside down, packing the driver’s compartment with salt. The pinched hose on the left is the forced air hose that attaches to the driver’s helmet.
The sheet metal aluminum nose is also a water tank. This was crushed on initial impact, showering the bike in hot water.