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2008 OCC Production Bikes Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2008 OCC Production Bikes. 2008 OCC Production Bikes 1st Ride.

Exposed twin Progressive Suspension shocks handle the bumps in the road with an assist from the dual springs on the brown Danny Gray custom seat.
I was looking forward to riding the sporty arrangement Senior has assembled in the Greenie but time constraints denied me my chance.
The Greenie's powertrain is different than the choppers and utilizes a H-D 1340cc black and chrome motor with a Harley 5-speed LSD transmission.
Custom 80-spoke wheels add a touch of class to the Greenie.
Motorcycle USA's Adam Waheed and Bryan Harley were ready to relocate and permanently join the Teutul clan.
OCC's Mike Burkhouse was our fearless leader for the day as we rolled through hill and dale.
The Splitback pulled with authority in all six gears of the Baker's transmission.
The Teutuls have long had a production line of bikes in their sights but waited patiently for all the right pieces to fall in place before making their goal a reality.
Despite having the greatest rake angle, the T-Rex Softail was dialed in the best out of the three choppers.
The Splitback had that extra dollop of power that I was looking for on the Web bike. An extra 400cc on tap was just what the doctor ordered.
I felt like the Alpha male when it was my turn to lead the charge on the T-Rex as we rolled through rustic New York hamlets.
Whose big idea was it to test a raked-out chopper on an off-camber hairpin 180-degree turn anyways?
The S&S 100 Evo-style engine gets the show rolling on the Web bike.
Good thing for face shields - otherwise I would have been catching bugs in my teeth from the s#%@-eating grin I was wearing while riding the Web.
I have to give Jr. props - the Web bike is one of the most creatively styled custom bikes that I've ever ridden.
The OCC bikes are loaded with high-end components, so it's no wonder OCC went with Vance & Hines for the exhausts on their production bikes.
The Splitback has dual tanks, one on each side of the oversized backbone of the Rolling Thunder frame.
OCC wasn't dicking around went it chose a high-powered 2032cc S&S mill for the Splitback.
OCC badging is used creatively throughout the bikes. Here is serves as an air filter cover on the Splitback.
Paul Jr.'s polished chrome custom wheels look sharp enough to substitute for a guillotine.
After a day prowling the countryside, I was ready to head into NYC and cruise around like a pimp, but the Teutuls were having none of that.
Vance & Hines Big Radius RSD exhausts give the T-Rex Softail plenty of rumble.
OCC's team of design artists created the T-Rex Softail's signature black/silver pinstripe flake paint job.
OCC employs Harley-Davidson chromed controls with self-canceling turn signals on the T-Rex Softail.
The '08 T-Rex Softail is powered by a S&S 100 engine with a 4 x 4 in. bore/stroke and a compression ratio of 9.5:1.
The 2008 T-Rex Softail was the most agile and best-handling of the OCC choppers.
Beneath the Web's unique Danny Gray seat sits a Mooneyes oil tank mounted horizontally
A 5-axis flow jet machine allows OCC to cut out intricate patterns like the Web's fenders with surgical precision.
The Web bike features a custom OCC inlay gas tank and a spider graphic that would get a big thumbs up from the original Wall-Crawler.
Beneath Jr.'s custom-cut fender rolls a 21-inch Metzeler ME880 Marathon.
Riding a bike as uniquely styled as the Web bike will bring out the superhero in every Peter Parker.
After riding the T-Rex Softail, Waheed was ready to garage his sportbike and buy him a chopper.
You can't help but feel like a rock star when you're riding the Web.
If you're in Montgomery,NY, pop into the OCC retail store and check out bitchin' bikes like this custom built for Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.
Fire 'em up, boys, it's time to ride.
This was the gag bike presented to Billy Joel as his one-off custom, complete with a tip bucket hanging from the frame and piano keys adorning the tank and tires.
This theme bike was built for Monster Mini Golf, a company that specializes in indoor glow-in-the-dark Monster themed miniature golf and fun centers.
Paul Jr. utilizes his creative genius as the chief designer and fabricator for OCC.
Motorcycle USA's Harley winds the Web through a wicked hairpin turn.
It only took MCUSA's Adam Waheed a short time on the Web to understand the hype surrounding high-end choppers.
Coming soon to a TV screen near you - OCC, the cartoon. (It's not really in the works now, but who knows what tomorrow holds!)
OCC's rustic brick building will soon be replaced by this ultra-modern OCC World HQ in nearby Newburgh
The Shawangunk Mountains provided a scenic backdrop for our ride and had plenty of winding mountain rodes to test the dynamics of the bikes on.
Upstate New York was in full splendor and the Splitback was my guide for the day.
Paul Jr. said that they had been wanting to do a production line for a long time but OCC waited until they had the manpower, technology and the capacity to do it right.
Are you going to tell a man with arms as big as pythons to get his feet off the desk?
Look - OCC's Mikey and MCUSA's Harley must have the same hairdresser. Either that or they were separated at birth.
Motorcycle USA's Adam Waheed and Bryan Harley felt honored to be a member of the Teutul clan for a day.
You just never know where those trickster Teutuls are going to slip in an OCC badge or logo.
(R-L) The T-Rex Softail, the Greenie, the Web bike and the Splitback.
It was a warm Indian summer evening when we visited the OCC Retail Store and were treated to this awesome sunset.
While Sr. and Jr. put on their all-business, all-the-time faces, Mikey flashes his trademark easy-going grin.