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2012 Kawasaki Teryx4 Comparison Photo Gallery

See photos of the 2012 Kawasaki Teryx4 UTV as it competes against another 4-seat side-by-side.

This is exactly the type of situation where the Kawasaki hesitates and requires finesse while the RZR drops right in.
Kawasaki includes EPS on its Teryx4 (a non-equipped model is available) where speed and torque sensors are used to vary the amount of assist.
Kawasaki designed the T4 so that the metal bars of the frame and ROPS cage are the outermost points of the body. This keeps the doors, bed, foot wells and front end from suffering damage from hard objects.
Accessing the front end is simple with a forward-tilting hood that makes getting to the radiator and air filter very easy. It’s also amazing during cleanup.
The Teryx4 is happy to work in technical, high-load riding all day.
The winch plate gets packed with mud and sand because it plows into the ground.
The suspension is most at home in tighter, rutted, rocky terrain where 10.8 inches of ground clearance and the shorter wheelbase can showcase their benefits.
Drivers can also lock in the front differential for maximum dragging power and traction when towing or plowing through treacherous mud.
Our longer-legged drivers found the T4’s pedals a little close for comfort. Also, Kawasaki could take note of the heel-cup utilized on the RZR.
Kawasaki delivers power quicker on the bottom end with its centrifugal clutch. This wet-clutch system is between the engine crankshaft and the CVT drive pulley.
It has a removable front sway bar as well as a fixed one in the rear that help keep the relatively top-heavy T4 square on its feet.
The Teryx4 (and its passengers) are willing to leave the
high-speed whoops to the RZR 4.
Everyone appreciated the extra protection afforded by the doors and the roof.
Kawasaki's interior is much better with plenty of room and an attention to detail.
In terms of pure sporting performance, the Teryx4 can’t keep up with the RZR 4, however, the Teryx isn’t far behind.
It handles fine in the sand, but it has considerably more body roll.