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DGY Motorsports

DGY Motorsports is a motorcycle dealership located in Downers Grove, IL selling Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha motorcycles. Contact and map DGY Motorsports through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
216 Ogden Ave
Downers Grove, IL 60515-3143
Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha
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Not Impressed March 22, 2010 03:25 PM
I've had nothing but horrible service from DGY Motorsports.

Last year I hit a pothole and bent both of my wheels; i chose DGY to repair my bike. I ordered the stock wheels and they quoted me a 1 week turn around. 1 week went by and i called to find out what the deal was. They said that the bolts required to install the new wheels didn't come with and they had just that day ordered them and it would be another week. Now keep in mind these were the stock rims for a 2007 r6 and DGY stands for Downers Grove Yamaha... They were less than apologetic about it and informed me that they would put my bike outside if i wanted to pick it up and not wait... It took several phone calls of nagging to make any sort of progress with them. In the end they took about $150.00 off my bill; whoopie doo it was all being covered by my insurance comp!

This year i chose DGY (after much debate) to perform my summer tune-up. They were quick and finished the tune-up within 2 days of me dropping my bike off ( +1 point ), but i also requested them to perform a custom mapping for my bike as i had just installed a full exhaust system and a PCIII. They had to get the dyno out of storage and they wouldn't have it in shop till friday. On friday I called at 12pm and asked for the service department, the phone rang and rang and no one picked up (i assumed they were on lunch). I called at 2:30pm and finally got someone in the service department and was able to ask them how things were looking today; they put me on hold and i sat on hold for 15 minutes before i hung up and called back. I got the same person and asked him the same question and he went and checked and told me that the dyno had just been brought in and my bike would be on the dyno no later than 4pm. This guy told me, "As soon as its rolling off the dyno, i will be on the phone with you." 5:50 rolls around and im on my way home from work so i shoot them a call and i get the same guy, "ohhhh ya it just came off the dyno!!, but were closing in 10 minutes, do you live close?" They wheeled the bike outside for me and stayed open an extra 10 minutes so that i could pay and get my bike home... On my way home i stopped by a friends to show them my bike. After parking my bike in their driveway i went to turn it back on and it wouldn't start, so i got out an allen bolt to take the seat off and see if one of the terminals on the battery were lose. The seat came right off (they didn't bother bolting my seat back on!). I walked around my bike to see if anything else was lose and noticed that my license plate had fallen off!! Oh, and while they were trying to remove my side fairings to do the oil change they managed to break the bolts on one side of my bike!

I called in the following morning and complained about their lack of quality control and they said, "we have you on camera leaving with the license plate on, its not our fault, we can run an electrial system test for free if you like?" I will never bring my bike back here and I've advised my friends against trusting their bikes with them (they have lost 4 clients). If any of you actually value your bike i would suggest searching for a place that actually cares about their customers!
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