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2009 Dirico Motorcycles First Look

Thursday, February 26, 2009
With Aerosmith s Steven Tyler as your pitch man  it s hard not to be successful.
Having a personality like Aerosmith's Steven Tyler as your pitch man gives Dirico Motorcycles a fighting chance to make it in a carnivorous market.
It’s amazing what can result from a great day in the saddle, a few cold beers afterwards and spirited conversation amongst friends. Hell, it might even result in the founding of a motorcycle company.

Such is the case with Dirico Motorcycles USA. What started as a fantastic ride through the mountains of New Hampshire between Steven Tyler, his brother-in-law Mark Dirico, and long-time buddy Stephen Talarico, ended with the idea to build and market their own motorcycle. Of course it didn't hurt that Tyler is the frontman for the popular band Aerosmith, Mark just happens to be a master engineer, and Talarico owns several Harley-Davidson dealerships, a custom shop, and tons of manufacturing equipment.

The company officially launched in January 2008 under the name Red Wing Motorcycles. But it appears that a Japanese manufacturer who flies a red wing under its banner contacted them about use of the name. The Red Wing moniker the new motorcycle company was marketing its bikes under came from Aerosmith’s corporate identity from the ‘60s. Just check out their old album covers (remember ‘Get Your Wings’). But the Japanese manufacturing giant didn’t want to let the name go and the Dirico gang didn’t want a long, ugly court battle, so they switched it over to Mark’s last name in 2009.

“Mark is the brains behind the design of these motorcycles,” said Stephen Talarico, president of Dirico Motorcycles USA.

Talarico also owns AC Custom Motorcycles in Manchester, NH, a custom shop that has been building a name for itself on the East Coast for over a decade, and was the one who just happened to have an extra frame and engine laying around for Mark to start tinkering on. Not long after, Mark had worked up the first prototype. Two years and countless miles later, the bugs had been worked out of seven or eight more prototypes until they had the motorcycles dialed in.

Dirico Motorcycles USA debuted two motorcycles in 2008, the Red Wing Pro Street and the Retro, and followed up their initial effort with three more models in 2009. One of them, the Speedster, just made its first public appearance at the
Dirico Motorcycles Speedster made its debut at the 2009 V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati.
Who needed the name Red Wing anyways? Dirico has a certain ring to is and is unique. It doesn't look bad on the side of the 2009 Speedster, either.
Cincinnati V-Twin Expo. The ‘Retro Flyer’ has all the accoutrements of a classic cruiser – a beefy Springer front end, deep-welled fenders, black-spoked wheels, a vintage-looking round air cleaner, and spacious floorboards. It sources a Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 110B engine with 1450cc of power mated to a 5-speed H-D left-side drive transmission, all packaged neatly within a Kraft-tech frame. Small details like its fat-bottomed black leather seat and the decorative leather strap that runs up the tank-mounted console I’ll wager are Tyler’s styling touches. I do know for a fact that the brilliant orange paint scheme is straight from the creative mind of the singer. Steve Cantos out of Massachusetts is the man responsible for the paint. With a little coaching from Tyler, of course.

“Steven worked directly with Cantos, describing things like a sunset he had seen during a ride while Cantos does the work of capturing Steven’s visions in paint. That’s how we came up with the oranges and reds that we use,” Talarico stated. “There was a blue where Steven was riding with Kid Rock up in Michigan and they had come up to a bar. It was a Blue Martini, and that inspired the blue that we used on the Pro Street. Steven’s got a memory like a steel trap and he can translate that into the art,” he added.

Dirico deliberately decided to go with Harley-Davidson components on its motorcycles in part due to Tyler’s international fame.

A Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 110B engine provides the pop for Dirico s 2009 Speedster motorcycle.
Dirico decided to source Harley-Davidson engines for its motorcycles because parts are easily accessible and sevice can be found in manycountries outside the U.S.
“We figured that if we were going to build a motorcycle that we should go with Harley-Davidson components because you can service them just about anywhere all over the world. We hope to avoid servicing problems that have plagued other custom builders. We have a dealer in St. Petersburg, Russia, that can plug in a diagnostic tool and has immediate access to parts and doesn’t have to worry about availability,” Talarico said. “But it’s not just a bunch of components thrown together.”

Dirico’s two other new models are the 2009 Flyer and the 2009 Pro Street. The Flyer has lines that conjure images of an Art Deco 1930s Indian Chief to me, minus the thin pan seat. Similar to the Speedster, the Flyer uses an H-D mill, the 88 cubic-inch Twin Cam B, and the same 5-speed H-D tranny. The Pro Street, on the other hand, is long and low and runs with more power. It utilizes Harley’s larger 103 cubic-inch, 1690cc engine to go along with a Baker 6-Speed Right Side Drive. The front tire is raked out more and sports more aggressive cast wheels and a custom-style forward-facing air filter. It also sports the Blue Martini paint that was inspired by Tyler’s ride with Kid Rock.

While timing for the introduction of the company might not be opportune, Talarico has been focusing on establishing a presence in the international market, setting up a distributor in Japan and a dealer in Russia. He’s also in negotiations
Dirico preaches comfort  hence the big  comfy leather seat  floorboards  and an upright riding position.
Styling touches like the decorative leather strap down the middle of the dual tanks and the tank-mounted console should be a hit with fans of classic cruiser motorcycles.
with a group from Argentina right now. Low overhead costs also work to their advantage. Talarico already owned all the equipment and tooling necessary to start manufacturing and was familiar with production techniques thanks to running AC Customs for the last dozen years.

Dirico also offers something that no other motorcycle company has - Steven Tyler as a selling point. Who wouldn’t want to own a motorcycle signed by the legendary lead vocalist of the renowned rock-and-rollers, Aerosmith? Dirico plans on showing its motorcycles at future concerts, which means that you can market your bike directly to 50,000 customers at one show, so why not send out a couple of your motorcycles to accompany the tour? Dirico is also building a bike for Sturgis, the official 2009 Black Hills Classic raffle motorcycle, to be presented by the Chamber of Commerce with proceeds benefitting the city of Sturgis. It is a prestigious commission. Talarico also said Aerosmith is going to play at the Buffalo Chip and Tyler will be hanging out at the rig where Dirico will have its wares on display.

“Steven loves it up there,” Talarico said.

Besides Sturgis, Dirico also plans to hit up some of the other big motorcycle events, like Daytona and Laconia. After talking to Talarico, we’re keeping our fingers crossed about a First Ride article in the future, and a chance to rumble over some of his favorite roads through the mountains of New Hampshire.
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     Dirico Motorcycles 2009 Speedster
Dirico Motorcycles 2009 Speedster
Spec Sheet

Kraft-tech frame
Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 110B (1450cc)
H-D Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection
5-speed H-D Left Side Drive
Hydraulic clutch
Tires - Metzeler 130/90/16 (front)
Metzeler 150/80/16 (rear)
Chain Primary Drive
Belt Secondary Drive
Vance & Hines Side Shots Exhaust

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mike -UUHHH STEVE  August 6, 2009 04:47 PM
Hey Steve, Heard about the fall. Daaayuuum!!
And I was lookin at some tix for the detroit show. I Hope, You get knocked down but you get up again, Aint nothin gonna keep ya down..
Smash mouth baby!!
Anyway, I think ANY TRUE aerosmith fan will know that your original name is steven "talarico".
So whats with the stePHen Talarico as a member of this, Trio?
Ha Ha I love it "steven loves it up there, talarico said... lol lol lol.
2004done -To Apadoo- Good Catch!  March 4, 2009 06:26 AM
Yes, displacement is always debatable, until AFTER the tech teardown of the (winning) engine.
Bigrick -I think it deserves a chance, how much cash ya gotta spend to ride it though?  March 4, 2009 05:37 AM
I would love to have one, but hey, I'm just a poor underpaid overworked City worker, like I said before, I'd love an Indian, or even the Victory at least the one that does'nt look like a spaceship! And I know I can't afford a 1800 Goldwing, that's for the yuppie crowd with big wallets! but are'nt they all lol.
2004done -yes, YES!!  March 4, 2009 05:33 AM
I can really see the influence of that mountain ride in this bike. The twisters can really be felt on a bike like this. Thank goodness they didn't ride by the Tetons, then the bike probably wouldn't even have a sidestand so it would fall over easier. Nice color on the Speedster, though. I think I'll paint my YUGO to match!
Douglas -I am tired of hearing about "Harley's"!  March 4, 2009 05:23 AM
And in this case apparently a Harley "used-to-be"! As I see it, just another wannabee in the bike world, lets hope no one sinks their money into one of these "fiasco's"!
george wilberg -New bike-hardly..  March 3, 2009 07:12 PM
REally a lame exercise. Looks like a Harley that someone customized. Nothing new at all to me. Better get back to the drawing board. Boring, Boring, Boring...
RDBeard -Diricio  March 3, 2009 05:17 PM
Seriously..........there are not enough putt-putt V twins in the world? But at least this one is low slung, has a long wheelbase, and an exposed engine to differentiate itself from every other fricking cashing-in-while-you-can "cruiser" builder.(uh-huh) The most appealing part of this bike? The fact that new bike companies tend to fail miserably after a couple of years, and it may actually be a good investment to re-sell after it turns out that: 1) it is nothing different than a bazillion other bikes out there that do not handle well, and 2) the company is defunct. 3) you got one of the early models and Mr.Tyler put his name on it with a sharpie. (better get a photo of him doing it)
james logie -new bike  March 1, 2009 02:17 PM
yer right just another knock off ,i'm sticking with harley davidson
Apadoo -What the...  February 26, 2009 01:23 PM
"a claimed 1450cc of power". Is the displacement debatable?
Cory -WOW!  February 26, 2009 07:20 AM
Another bike that looks the same as a tired old Harley. I can totally see how people are going to look at the bike and say "How innovative, I must have one!"
Tessier -NH Charity Classic Trail Ride  February 26, 2009 07:17 AM
If your going to come to NH for bike week make sure you check out the NH Charity Classic Trail Ride that takes place at NHIS. Those guys raise over $130,000 for Cystic Fibrous. It's a two day Suzuki "dual sport" and well worth the slight detour.