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Dr. Frazier: Hunted Near Spook City Photo Gallery

Dr. Frazier searches high and low for a ghost town in Colorado known as Spook City - see photos from his adventure in the Dr. Frazier: Hunted Near Spook City photo gallery.

The ranger and three maps all showed 43BB as the gravel road off the pavement and up into the mountains, “just follow the signs.”
I had the road and the mountains to myself that late afternoon.
If buildings could talk I thought this one would have some tales of tough times mining for gold or silver where there was little or none.
The higher I went towards Bonita Hill and Spook City, I could see signs that winter was not far away, like the falling golden leafs from these aspen trees.
The quality of the road became more of a track with loose rocks the higher I went.
The fallen leaves told me no one else had been over this track for some time, going in or out of wherever the track went.
Looking back at where I had come from showed me my adventure had taken me well away from civilization and according to my maps, close to Spook City.
Leaves in the tracks could be as slippery as mud and sometimes hid holes and rocks. I lowered my tire pressure to 20 psi from the highway 36 psi.
“Just follow the signs,” which I did. This one took me to a dead end.
Another sign showed on one map, but not on the other two. This signed track started to take me back down off the mountain and away from Spook City.
There was a good line through this rocky section but the track was becoming more difficult.
More leaves and obviously no other traffic had me thinking about how far I had come and would have to go back if I did not find Spook City.
After “just following the signs” I dead ended in this grove where I realized the GPS was also dead.
After three hours of lonely wandering I returned to the pavement realizing I had had a “pretty interesting” adventure, even if I did not find Spook City behind me up in the hills.
Next time I hunt for Spook City, maybe I will merely stop and ask a deer for directions like this one I saw wisely walking down the street in Saguache.