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2006 L.A. Calendar Show Photo Gallery

Photo essay from 2006 L.A. Calendar Show. Check out the full report in 2006 LA Calendar Motorcycle Show.

Jesse Rooke and Russell Mitchell hosted a Q&A session that was supposed to be about bike building but ended up talking mostly about cable TV storylines and builder politics.
A squadron of Purrfect Angels about to assault a stage.
That funky monkey. Isn't metal-flake cool?
The freaky creations were not limited to the motorized variety.
This Buell/Big Twin hybrid drag bike was one of the few racebikes on display.
Nash Motorcycle Company was another new builder that had some great looking bikes.
Like many other shows I've been to recently, attendance was high but not overwhelming.
Suddenly, I have the urge to take a road trip.
This builder went to the trouble of naming each and every one of their vintage-style race-inspired creations.
Does this really need a caption?
Amid the slightly lowbrow burlesque shows, booth bunnies, and rock acts, there was a harpist entertaining in one of the quieter corners of the show.
It turns out these beautiful young ladies were advertising Road Rage and Raging Angels apparel. Well done ladies!
Okay, if this pulled up behind me, I, for one, would not pull over.
An outrageously glam bobber with glitter and fur. Besides the very well-realized styling exercise, this is actually a very simple machine.
Rumor has it that the unthinkable happened recently: Roland Sands sold one of his awesome custom bikes for the first time. He is no longer the best builder to have never sold a single machine. If you want a piece of the action, check out PM's new Vintage Body Kit to turn your stock Harley Softail in
Is there a better location for a bike show? On the water with a huge historical monument in the background looking on. Admission to the Queen Mary is free with your ticket to the show.
On Saturday there was a special display of the bikes that made the 2007 Iron and Lace Calendar.
Zeperella was an all-girl unit covering the tunes of Page, Plant, and co.
This was only the second custom Metric we saw. It was as over the top as one would expect a V-Max to be. Yup, that's blower. And it won the Custom Metric Class at the show.
Sacramento's TPJ Customs does some unique and very diverse machines. This kickstart-only rigid has a Hayabusa front end, dirt-track bars, and a mountain bike shock to suspend the seat.
Ghetto Choppers, that's Ghetto Choppers if you missed it the first time. I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure there's nowhere in Ghetto Choppers hometown of Oceanside, CA that I consider Ghetto. How do you spell PaDonkaDonk?
Two Bit Choppers has made a business out of their spectacular Buell-based Choppers that use many of the stock components from the original machine.
The guys from Dreamcraft Studios have come up with another winner. and their bike is pretty cool too.
Okay, I have no idea how well this air intake cleans the air, but it sure must catch some bugs in the mouth.
I imagine this Yamaha R1 (I think) was like the guys from Pimp My Ride got hired by an Alien hive to decorate this bike. Or is it just me?
Natalie of prettylittlenatalie.com bucked the trend of hiring 'booth bunnies' to advertise motorcycle products, she had her own booth! The porn... er, adult entertainer, autographed posters, sold DVDs, and signed up new users to her website.
Riding the line between Metric Cruiser and American (they're both), Victory embraced an important part of the American motorcycle experience and hired a "booth bunny."
Jardine's Dyno Shootout was one of the spectator highlights. and one of the easiest places to make a total fool of yourself as your high-performance bike sputters through its chance at glory.
This very un-flashy Sportster-based bobber is actually a very low-budget conversion, despite its dramatic appearance.
Security, as always, is tight at the Calendar Show, with full bag checks and pat-downs. Also, no 'colors' are allowed.