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2013 Honda Gold Wing F6B First Ride Photo Gallery

We sample the sporty new version of Honda's Gold Wing, the F6B seeking to establish its own identity in a more svelte package with a lower COG that's quicker, easier to handle, and sportier than its predecessor. Read all about it in our 2013 Honda Gold Wing F6B First Ride article.

A 2013 Honda F6B sits next to a standard Gold Wing and shows the DNA they share while exposing their differences as well.
Honda shaved off 62 pounds from the Gold Wing for the F6B and the drop in weight and lower COG is easily noticeable when roads twist up.
Preload on the Honda F6B is manually adjustable via a knob located under the right sidecover.
One thing we noticed about the F6B is that riders will be grinding foot pegs even more now on the new platform!
At first we were partial to the blacked-out version, but after spending much of the day in the saddle of the red one, it's a toss up between the two color options.
The new Gunfighter seat on the F6B is shorter, thinner and a half-inch lower than the one found on the Wing.
We give the 2013 Honda F6B a big "Hell Yeah!"
The tires of the F6B have no problems performing at lean while its 'Combined Braking System' is stellar.
If Honda was aiming at giving the Gold Wing a new image, we say "mission accomplished" with the F6B.
While the new Gold Wing F6B is a blast to ride around town, it still has the comfort levels and storage necessary for long hauls as well.
Honda's already got a long list of Genuine Accessories to go with the F6B, like heated hand grips, which are actually part of the standard 2013 F6B Deluxe package.
What does the 'B' in F6B stand for? Bagger? Maybe. Blacked-out. Yes. Bad-ass. Definitely.
The Honda F6B feels lower and narrower than the Gold Wing and can carve up roads with more precision.
A shorty windscreen, mirrors that are essentially the Gold Wing mirrors flipped upside down, and a new front cowling give the F6B a fresh look from the front.
Surfs up, so we surfed some asphalt on the 2013 Honda F6B.
The Honda F6B handles so well, you'll be seeking out winding, remote patches of road to explore its lean angles on.
At the core of the 2013 F6B is Honda's horizontally opposed Flat six-cylinder engine with 1832cc.
Without its topcase and bulky passenger accommodations, the Gold Wing F6B transitions much easier than its Honda counterpart.
Accessories like a passenger backrest and luggage rack are ready to roll out along with the arrival of the F6B at dealerships.
Roll on the accelerator and the Honda F6B will straight up get it as it surges off the line, a wave of torque smoothly delivered by its 1832cc engine.
The cockpit of the Honda F6B is clean and intuitive, but it does have a lot of buttons to push, which can be intimidating for people taking their first ride on it.
Predictable at the bars and stable at lean, the 2013 Honda F6B hugs the road when it's banked over and hugs the road with an almost sport-touring sureness.