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2005 Las Vegas Bike Fest Photo Gallery

Photo essay from 2005 Las Vegas Bike Fest. Check out the full report in 2005 Las Vegas Bike Fest - The Stealth Rally.

Sign of the times: Keep your stinkin' bikes hidden in a parking garage.
Roger Goldammer's Artistry In Iron show winner, Trouble'
A lone ape-hangared gent scoots past the bright lights of Freemont Street.
Probably not the best shot of .38 Special, but I wasn't man enough to elbow my way to the front.
With no lane sharing in hot, hot Las Vegas, be sure to run high octane fuel, set your jetting slightly rich and if possible get an oil cooler for your air-cooled bike.
The Strip's H-D Cafe, is a bike hot spot on every weekend of the year. Inside, a replica of H-D's production line carries actual Harleys around the restaurant for you viewing amusement.
Cruising under bright lights of the strip.
Ironically, the Harley-Davidson Cafe, was the site of the most moto-diversity of anywhere I visited while in Vegas. A Road Star and Sportster leave the Caf,, while a Honda rider looks on.
Count's Kustoms put on a huge and elaborate display for their hometown event including a simulated graveyard, a hearse sitting room, and this El Camino transporter with the Ozzy bike on the back.
Pruno Mfg bolstered their attitude-quotient with an actual exotic dancer on stage for the entire event, complete with tip box.
The definition of the word: Trooper. No seat, no pegs, no sissy bar, short fender, and no shocks. Think they're married?
Young Choppers and Hot Rods brought a nice stable of bobbers for our viewing pleasure.
Rick Fairless has his own distinctive style.
Finally, the 'This List Goes to Eleven' Award: Okay, I don't really want to ride it, and I'm not sure I want to sit on it, but you gotta love the clean lines of this bicycle (dubbed the Sick Bike) from Wicked Bros. wickedbros.com
The Prestigious Milking the Cow Award: Kiwi Indian Motorcycles has been building complete newly assembled Indian Replicas for a few years now, but recently came to the realization that some of their handmade parts might be of use to someone building a custom chopper.
Best use of Pneumatic Power: Many adjustable-height airbag systems have been made to work within the confines of a stock frame, and this 8 Ball rolling chassis is designed around an air bag rear suspension for a cleaner look and a greater range of adjustability.
Best Dual Purpose Accessory: No, we're not talking about parts for your old KLR. Tauer Machine makes this cool belt guard in either the nasty black finish shown here, and in the more traditional polished finish. What's cool is that it's also an oil cooler (inset).
Ultimate Rally Accessory: Using drag race technology, AIM Corp's auto clutch disengages the engine any time engine rpm falls below a tunable threshold, and progressively locks up the clutch at higher rpm, making for slip-free performance from the most high-horsepower engines. Aim-tamachi.com
Danger Will Robinson! Award: Dragonfly Cycle Concepts specializes in windscreens and fairing, so it seems a natural extension to put one of these trick little in-dash DVD players on a bike. just don't ride and veg out in front of the TV at the same time.
Excellence in engineering award: Colorado Customs may have picked this bio-hazard design for purely aesthetic reasons, but in fact, the arch is one of the strongest shapes structurally-speaking. Just check out most bridges, with a cantilevered arch underneath or an arch framing the middle.
The Esoteric Innovation award goes to: Havoc Industries for their high-output alternator kit. While many can see the potential value in more juice for your system, this product has specific appeal to me for one reason: sealed magnets.
Product most likely to get you better service at a fancy restaurant: Titty Tops makes a fine array of women's apparel designed to celebrate the human mammary glands (and silicone ones too!). They come in several styles (t-shirt, tank top, boy beater, etc) each with a witty saying.
Miss Michigan Award: (or the Best Accessories to Pull the Hotties): Strip Club Choppers has pegs and controls designed to woo the opposite sex like no other. If the mud flap vixen doesn't do it for you, take it to the next level with these pole-equipped honeys.
Best Use of a 100-pound Block of Aluminum: Independent Cycles, best known for their frame kits and air suspension, has gotten into the wheel market. Machined from a big hunk of high-grade aluminum, these of wheels are stylish and shiny, yet understated and elemental. Independentcycleinc.com
Sin City certainly lived up to its name.