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Dr. Frazier Golden Triangle Rider Meeting Photo Gallery

See photos from the Horizon's Unlimited meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand in the Dr. Frazier Golden Triangle Rider Meeting photo gallery.

The Rider’s Corner Restaurant and Bar during the Annual Horizon’s Unlimited Golden Triangle Rider’s Meeting had a full parking lot with overflow into neighboring spaces.
During daylight hours the parking lot for the Rider’s Corner and nearby businesses became a free museum display of adventure motorcycles for enthusiasts.
Friday night the famed Golden Triangle Rider’s Band offered free beer and Jameson whiskey drinks during a “Welcome Horizons Unlimited Travellers” reception.
Attendees included local expat motorcycle enthusiasts, Thais and global travelers from around the globe, all enjoying the affable atmosphere of the Rider’s Corner and camaraderie of fellow travelers.
Australian “Travelling Strom” (Richard Winter) managed to limp out of Laos with a wounded Suzuki to attend the three evenings at the Horizons Unlimited meeting.
Although the meetings were slated to begin at 18:00 each evening attendees would start filling up the restaurant in the late afternoon to secure a seat knowing the evening might well be standing room only.
Saturday evening the Rider’s Corner Restaurant offered what has been hailed as “Chiang Mai’s Best” All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Buffet for 200 Thai Baht ($7.00 USD).
The Rider’s Corner staff started early and stayed late making sure all of the over 100 attendees enjoyed the BBQ dinner.
Canadian global riders Ekke Kok and Audrey Allenspach-Kok had traveled overland from Europe on BMWs to share their adventures with the audience Saturday evening.
Three wide screen TVs, a central projector screen and high quality PA system offered everyone a chance to see and hear the multimedia shows.
Distributors of the latest and best motorcycling maps for Southeast Asia, The Rider’s Corner Restaurant and Bar has become the place to load the GPS or purchase paper maps for travelers in the Golden Triangle. Brisk sales took place during the Horizons Unlimited Meeting.
Attendees could purchase exclusive Meo Design Golden Triangle T-shirts while attending the Horizons Unlimited Meeting, on display at the Rider’s Corner Restaurant.
Heike from Germany was all smiles, having just completed a tour in Burma on his BMW.
Well-traveled expat Casper de Wolf (Netherlands), a long time resident of Thailand, dropped by to inquire about travel from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina on a Kawasaki KLR650 versus his usual BMW motorcycle.
This Suzuki V-Strom had seen some long hard miles from Australia to China and then into Laos before arriving at the Horizons Unlimited Golden Triangle Rider Meeting.
Some global travelers preferred three wheels to two when adventure seeking around the globe.
Where to find tires in Southeast Asia was one of the most often asked questions during the meeting. This traveler had chosen to carry his spares instead of taking the chance of not finding what he needed in a country like Thailand where 99.9% of the motorcycles are less than 125 cc and importing what he needed might double or triple cost of the tire.
This BMW sidecar rig had been to the Horizons Meeting the year before. Its return notched another loop through Southeast Asia for the owner, tagging Borneo before returning.
Wow! Look at the load on that BMW. Noted was the self-made custom seat cover, “quite comfortable and inexpensive” according to the owner.
Not everyone needed large displacement motorcycles to travel. Pictured is a copy of a Honda Cub, a Tiger Sporting Cub, using bird cages for carrying luggage. Base price of the Thailand manufactured motorcycle was about $1,000.00 USD. Panniers and top case prices were a “secret,” but very functional.
The parking lot had license plates from around the world, this one from Germany.
The license plate on this sidecar outfit was from Florida, USA.
This foreign license plate was being held on by two plastic screws and duct tape, proof the motorcycle had traveled over some hard roads.
A Thai license plate showed this traveler was at least based in Thailand, or their motorcycle was.
Phillip and Som Gibbins displaying the “Thank You” award they received from the local Golden Triangle riders and global attendees, presented by Ron Lister, for their many contributions to the motorcycling community on the second anniversary of the Rider’s Corner Restaurant and Bar.
Horizons Unlimited logo and the most popular sticker at the Horizons Unlimited 2013 Traveller’s Meeting.