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2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide Project

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A few Screamin Eagle bolt-on parts transformed the Dyna into a more entertaining machine to ride.
Screamin Eagle pipes give the Dyna more edge without being excessively loud.
A Screamin Eagle air cleaner pumps more air into the engine.
The 12 Fat Mini-Ape Handlebar Kit with Riser puts the rider in a more assertive stance on the road.
The premium Core Series-Grind Custom Paint job features intricate grind marks in the fuel tank and atop the fenders.
The Ape hanger-style handlebars offer a more assertive riding stance.
(Top) A few Screamin’ Eagle bolt-on parts transformed the Dyna into a more entertaining machine to ride. (Bottom) The Ape hanger-style handlebars offer a more assertive riding stance.
The Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide offers motorcyclists one-off chopper-style with everyday reliability. But, since it’s a mass produced bike anyone with 15-grand can take one home. And for some people, that kind of everyman accessibility takes the fun out of it. After all, customization is what motorcycle ownership is all about, right? That’s why Harley offers a vast line of accessories designed by the same folks that build its wide variety of bikes.


A pair of Screamin’ Eagle Street Performance Mufflers ($349.95) is one of the simplest ways to extract more fun out of a Harley-Davidson. The slip-on pipes are easy to install and bolt right on to the original headers. Not only do they look more-slick than the stock set-up they deliver a more robust exhaust note, that most people won’t consider obnoxious.


Added flow on the back end means a greater appetite for fresh air on the other side. That’s where the Screamin’ Eagle Stage 1 Air Cleaner Kit comes in ($149.95). The kit is compatible with Twin Cam engines and allows more air to enter the engine. The set-up can be further improved aesthetically with the fitment of the Screamin' Eagle® Air Cleaner Backplate Kit ($49.95) and Smooth Air Cleaner Cover ($45.95).


Stock controls have to appease the widest range of riders which is why the original set-ups rarely offer the ideal riding position right out of the box. So for those that are taller than average, Harley’s accessory department offers the 12" Fat Mini-Ape Handlebar Kit with Riser – Chrome 56832-04A ($299.95). Like the name implies the bars are both taller and have a wider sweep which offers a more commanding riding posture. It isn’t as extreme as many other popular aftermarket set-ups which make it more appealing for some riders.


We love the look of a stock Dyna but the appearance can always be improved. So we fitted a Bullet Headlamp Kit - 4-1/2" 69851-06 ($309.95) paired to the Headlamp Mounting System for Bullet Headlamp 69611-06 ($41.95). This set-up cleans up the front end of the motorcycle giving it a more refined look. To wrap things off we installed the Smoked Turn Signal Lens Kit - Bullet Lens, Front 69208-09 ($24.95).

In terms of quality, it’s hard to beat the paint sprayed from the H-D factory. But since it’s a production spray job, compromises need to be made in terms of appearance, that’s why Harley offers a premium Core Series–Grind Custom Paint Set in Real Fine Red 95734-10DIT ($2099.95). For that price you get a fresh set of fenders and a fuel tank featuring an intricate pattern of circular grinds on the sides of the tank and atop the fenders. It’s sandwiched between a thick hue of semi-gloss burgundy paint. It’s a rare yet attractive paint scheme that turns heads day or night. Even if you’re motorcycle isn’t brand new Harley has a Core exchange program which allows you to trade in your existing hard parts for brand new kit.

Harley-Davidson’s Screamin’ Eagle accessory line proves you need not look to the aftermarket to add some pizazz to your American-built cruiser. And since each component was designed specifically for your machine and comes with a full warranty, it takes the guess work out of a purchase.

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Harley-Davidson Wide Glide Parts
We spiced up the appearance and performance of our Harley-Davidson Dyna with some factory direct Screamin Eagle hard parts.

Bullet Headlamp Kit - 4-1/2" (69851-06): $309.95
Headlamp Mounting System for Bullet Headlamp (69611-06): $41.95
Smoked Turn Signal Lens Kit - Bullet Lens, Front (69208-09): $24.95
Core Series–Grind Custom Paint Set in Real Fine Red (95734-10DIT): $2099.95
12" Fat Mini-Ape Handlebar Kit with Riser – Chrome (56832-04A): $299.95
Black Handlebar Riser Kit (55996-09): $129.95
Screamin' Eagle® Stage I Air Cleaner Kit - Twin Cam Models (29773-02C) 149.95
Screamin' Eagle® Air Cleaner Backplate Kit- (29510-05): $49.95
Smooth Air Cleaner Cover– (29153-07): $45.95
Screamin' Eagle® Street Performance Mufflers - Dyna® Staggered Dual, Chrome with Black End Caps
– (80674-08): 349.95

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Kropotkin   October 22, 2012 08:19 AM
I'm all for freeedom from unnecessaary regulations. But I don't know why loudness increases motorcycling pleasure. And it's very obnoxious when it goes overboard. It certaily terrifies any wildlife in a national forest, and wildlife has few enough places to retreat as it is. Personally, I don't think open exhausts are necessary or desireable or beyond the reasonable reach of fair regulations.
BigRon   September 8, 2012 09:20 AM
@Adam, I was wondering if you are planning on upgrading the front brakes. I know that you can put dual disks upfront by swaping the lower fork tubes and master cylinder from a fat bob. I have also seen a single disc setup using Brembo 4-cylinder calipers and rotors from a sport bike (not the HD specific ones) installed using an aftermarket bracket. It would be interesting to see some braking test data and costs data on these options compared to the stock brakes which are a little inadequate. Thanks, Ron
BigRon   August 22, 2012 06:08 AM
@Poncho - Thanks for your concern but that doesnt change the fact that the continuous and unending restrictions on our freedoms will not end because certain people cannot be content within themselves and therefore try to project their ideas and philosophys of how to live through special interest groups using the system to force invasive laws on the general public. A particular one here in Colorado would be the Hidden Gems which intends on converting non eligible national forest into wilderness area because the members of the special interest do not mountain bike or ride dirt bikes and therefore feel that no one else should because they know best how public land should be used. When you promote restrictive laws remember that one day it will be something that you enjoy that they decide to ban next. My bike probably does exceed allowable decibles, never tested it and dont care; I purchased my headers to boost performance not to be loud. Lastly, my name is Ron and yes I am Big.
wjs93   August 20, 2012 09:16 PM
I think if you look at the H-D P&A Catalogue you will find that the mufflers fitted to the bike in this article are 50 state street legal on both 96ci and 103ci models.
Poncho167   August 20, 2012 11:16 AM
Sorry I upset you bigron, if that is your real name. You have got me all wrong in your stereo-type, but for some reason I think I understand you pretty good and that you fit into the public nuisance catagory based on your response, and hopefully the police will have more time to crack down on more riders who abuse public laws.
BigRon   August 19, 2012 05:58 PM
@Poncho. First off nice name, Poncho, really? So Poncho after your last statement I seriously doubt you own or ride a bike. You probably came on here just to piss some people off. Probably lost your wife, girlfreind or prom date to some guy that rides a loud bike, oh the horror, it probably ruined your life. Most people have real lives and dont have the time, energy or the desire to try and control every facet of society and I sure as bleep dont want some guy named Poncho trying to control my life so go back to your basement and figure out a way to improve your life without bringing everyone else down. FYI, the police have a lot of more important things to worry about than loud pipes.
VegasPete   August 19, 2012 09:07 AM
I agree with BigRon - get your government off my ass Poncho
Poncho167   August 17, 2012 08:25 AM
Bikes my be about freedom to you but they are about transportation to me. I think all aftermarket exhaust for street use whether it be car or motorcycle should be illegal if they can't meet standard decibel levels given. Motorcycles like the one in this article create a public nuisance and law enforcement should address this because they are on public roads.
BigRon   August 17, 2012 06:14 AM
@Piglet and Poncho. Its been a long time since I went off on somebody on this forum but I think the time has come. So these guys are taking a $17k motorcycle and plan on dumping a considerable amount of cash into it to boost performance and styling and the first thing that you are worried about is how loud it is going to be. This is a window into how absolutely pathetic and emasculated we have become in this country. The rules that apply to autos should not apply to motorcycles, namely noise and emissions. I venture to guess that motorcycles represent less than 1% of the vehicles on the road and therefore contribute such a small fraction of noise and air polution that enforcing these restriction on them will have absolutely no effect on air and noise polution but will have a major impact on the industry. The manufacturers should not be constantly burdened with trying to figure where to put the newest contraption that some pinhead that works in a lab that never sees the light of day, has never ridden a bike and has never had a day of fun in his whole life decides should be added to the bike. The continuous and unending restrictions on autos has a significant impact on the cost of the vehicles. It has killed the fuel economy of diesel pickups to the point that it would be worthwhile to compare the carbon footprint of non-restricted trucks from the past to the current ones. If you want to hear noise polution stand next to the freeway and wait for a few rigs to go by or drive next to a semi with the windows down. The tire and engine noise are unbearable; these are the offenders of noise polution. If you dont like loud pipes dont install them on your bike but quit trying to control everyone else. Bikes are about freedom; regulations are about control.
Piglet2010   August 16, 2012 09:17 PM
@ Poncho167 - Or get an EPA certified replacement exhaust (see "Label Match-Up" program - too bad this is not enforced in most jurisdictions).
Poncho167   August 16, 2012 11:00 AM
Please leave the stock exhaust for noise pollution reasons.
Piglet2010   August 14, 2012 05:34 PM
How about putting a Revolution engine in an XR1200 and adding a cafe-racer fairing? Now that would be a custom H-D worth having.
motousa_adam   August 14, 2012 08:47 AM
@BigRon - thanks for your feedback ron-n- we'd love to do something with aftermarket companies! we just need to get a bike to modify as the garage is empty right now haha-- thxs for the heads up on the spelling too!! - aw
BigRon   August 14, 2012 05:59 AM
Adam, IMHO It would be nice to see you put aftermarket parts on the bike as most people do not customize their bikes out of the Harley catalog. A set of Carlini Pist Apes, a thunder header 2 into 1; a roland sands aircleaner and a thundermax or PC-V with auto tune would be a vast improvement over anything and everything from the factory. Check your spelling "Appearance"