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Santa Clarita Motorsports

Santa Clarita Motorsports is a motorcycle dealership located in Newhall, CA selling Honda, KTM, Yamaha motorcycles. Contact and map Santa Clarita Motorsports through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
24601 Arch St
Newhall, CA 91321-1111
Honda, KTM, Yamaha
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4 Users rated the Dealer an average of 2.0
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Andrew Hunt June 9, 2010 12:23 AM
I would never leave 1 star for anything... BUT... I dropped off my Yamaha Rhino for service, went to pick it up and they had informed me that their shop had gotten broken into and the thieves stole the Rear paddle tires, and my Brushed Yamaha Aluminum stock rims... The owner Al Sayani informed me that they would be replaced with what I had before. One month went by and I had to go on a trip to the Dunes, so he gave me a pair of stock paddles on steel rims to use for the trip to the sand... I thought that was cool, so I was very patient.... Two... Three... Four... months go by and they (Chris, and Gary in the service dept, who do not return numerous phone calls) tell me that Al Sayan told them to tell me "Keep what you have or get nothing at all..." Keep in mind this is not the first time this shop has gotten broken into... So I am out of rims and paddles for the dunes...

This is not my only complaint either... These guys do not match prices of other dealerships without a fight, they are rude, and must be hurting pretty bad because they are not competitive with any dealerships at all... Selling R1's for 13,000?? WHAT? 450 Dirt bikes for 10k??? WHAT? Seriously....

Don't even get me started on their parts dept... They can’t find the rear end of an elephant if it was standing in front of them... Ordering parts that mysteriously vanish after you order them, or they do not arrive for 6 weeks??? AFTER YOU HAVE PAID!

Long story short, this family owned establishment is as shady as they come... You will never get your stuff fixed if you drop it off there, and you will have to fight till the bitter end for a good deal on a new toy... Best advice, drive the extra 20 minutes to another dealership.

Hope this helps everyone,

And also... There is a reason this establishment is not part of the Better Business Bureau.
Brad T. February 7, 2010 12:34 PM
So wanted to get a 2010 Yamaha YZ450 because they are pretty much the best bike out.. I walk in and I see one on the floor. I look, sit and drool over this fine piece of mechanical art. I have done my homework and know what other shops are sellin them for. It takes 20 min for me to even get help and the place is a ghost town. I finally sit down with a salesman to discuss price and they say it will be around 10,000 OTD. WHAT???????? I have shopped around other places and 8,000 OTD seems to be the going rate without any wheelin and dealin.. I told them this and they say well once i get there the other shop will change the price etc.. I got up and walked out. 2,000 more will get me everything I could want on the bike and gas to the track for a year.. SHEESH!!
Shane June 28, 2009 12:54 PM
It has the potential to be a good shop, but the arrogance of the owners son has just killed it for me. They used to be a great shop till these guys took over. The service department is the worst I have ever been to. I had them to a bore kit on my rhino i paid over $4,000,00 to have it done only to have it blow up the first 10 mile i drove it. turns out the didn't put any oil in the engine or water in the radiator. They said they would fix it they had it for 6 weeks. First time out the wrist pin sheered and blew the engine. They would not refund me. IMS Racing in Acton Ca, has been the best rhino motor guy I know of and Riders Choice in Lancaster has the best over service for bikes and ATVS. .
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