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A & S Powersports

A & S Powersports is a motorcycle dealership located in Roseville, CA selling BMW, Buell, Ducati, Honda, Piaggio, Triumph, Vespa motorcycles. Contact and map A & S Powersports through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
1125 A Orlando Avenue
Roseville, CA 95661
BMW, Buell, Ducati, Honda, Piaggio, Triumph, Vespa
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Crap, got bent over yet again!? December 26, 2009 01:19 AM
Sorry to say there is something a miss with the locals at A&S. I am new(er) to the whole motorcycle scene and have allot of expectations from a BMW dealer. I carry them in the same regard as my Auto BMW dealer. I guess that my standards and expectations are too high because quite routinely I am woefully disappointed, to the point that I HATE to go to this dealership. Each time is an agonizing experience. Whether its the parts department not listening and giving the wrong parts, or missing a few. With the response of "I can understand missing that, you had a big item list" or the service person(s) not knowing what you are talking about.Almost if you were speaking another language. To the point they overcharge for their services. And when you show just a little knowledge it becomes an "oh, sorry I input the wrong year of the bike.. (happened three times) And this gets me to no end...THE SERVICE MANAGER IS A PITA...and he has never said a word to me...But he has failed to assist me when I stood in front of his desk (with not a sole customer in the store, but he likes his coffee in the am!) and he has no problem interrupting his staff and putting his backside to me, while attempting to explain an issue.... I will source my parts @ SierraBMW or cyclespecialties. Oh, did I mention their parts are 15 to 20% higher than maxbmw and chicagobmw? Now thats service, gouge the customer as to make him/her want to leave the brand!!! I understand the owner cleaned house a few years ago, IMHO, you need to do it again! I dont care how many free sodas, coffee, water, snacks you give out. Service and attention to the customer HAS to be your primary focus. Its not now, you have a staff (I assume not all) that is on the floor for their own amusement...
Dan Carr October 2, 2009 10:02 AM
If you don't live in the area of this shop and expect to get parts quickly, it's a gamble. If the parts are in stock there, then you can probably get them in a reasonable amount of time if you live in the western U.S.

However, as was my recent experience, if the parts are not in stock, you will end up waiting for some period of time while they get the parts from their supplier (wherever that is), and then once they get them, then an additional waiting period for them to ship the parts to you. So I would recommend that if the parts are not in stock, to order them through your local dealer. They probably use the same supplier, so you will cut out one part of the wait to get the parts.

The online catalog is super. I like being able to look up the parts myself, and see the price right away. The downside to my recent transaction was that I ordered the parts on a Sunday night. (9/13/09), but did not find out the parts were out of stock until the afternoon of 9/15/09. My point here is that they are closed on Sunday and Monday (like a lot of motorcycle shops) and that’s fine people need time off from work…BUT if they are serious about doing internet business which runs 24/7, then they should have someone processing orders on Monday, a regular shipping and working day for most people. In this case, even someone working from home with an on-hand inventory could recognize the parts were not in stock, and get the order to the supplier immediately instead of waiting a couple of days.

I got the parts on 9/28/09, everything except they shorted me on one part I needed 3 of…at the time I placed the order, they had one on hand. Although they didn’t fess up to it, they probably got the two in from the supplier and sent those, forgetting to pull the other one from stock. So now I am waiting another week to get that part, so that will probably arrive on 10/5/09.

So basically it took over 3 weeks to get some parts. Sure, I could have lessened the time by paying a lot more for shipping. But then what is the point of even going though them? That’s what I’m asking myself right now. Let’s see, bike torn apart for 3 weeks waiting for parts, finally sending the shipment but short one part, slow to process the order to begin with…maybe I am just used to getting things from other online retailers and Ebay, who for the most part process and ship things quickly.

My recommendation would be to use the A&S catalog to look up part numbers and get prices, and then forward this to your local dealer to get the parts. Or I believe there are some other dealers going online now, you might try them. The good part of the experience was the catalog, and the response time I got from using the help line. The bad part is it took way too long, and they did not admit to the mistake of sending the one missing part late. If I were in change and made that mistake, I would have sent the part overnight at no charge to the customer. If they had done that, at least I would have been able to get the bike running again this weekend.

Maybe they should use USPS in some cases, since they deliver on Saturday. That would increase the chance of someone getting their parts in time to fix their bike over the weekend, when most people have time off to do that kind of thing.

A&S really needs to look at their operations critically.


Ralphord Hight August 6, 2009 01:00 PM
This merchant may not have what they show online. However, they will bill your credit card for the full order while you wait indefinitely for some item instead of partial shipment or giving you the option to delete the non stocked item. You may be at risk for charge dispute. They also do not respond to their email "Customer Help" link.
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