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Dr. Frazier: Clancy Ride US Photo Gallery

See photos from Dr. Frazier's ride through the United States on the Clany Ride in the Dr. Frazier: Clancy Ride US photo gallery.

I tested a 2013 BMW water cooled GS to see if we were interested in a brand specific adventure model, this one starting at close to $20,000.00, a near budget buster for me.
Carl Stearns Clancy on his 1912 Henderson, and Robert Allen on a 1913 Henderson, are pictured here as they prepared to depart San Francisco June 2, 1913.
Richard Livermore (L) and writer Dr. Gregory Frazier (R) prepared to depart from San Francisco June 2, 2013 on The Clancy Centenary Ride on the 30 year-old 1983 Honda GL650s.
Greg Goss, Honda turbo guru, prepped both GL650s for an arduous ride across the USA.
Aluminum panniers, windscreens, new tires and batteries were added to give wind protection, solid electrics and carrying capacity.
The GL650 packed and ready to seek adventure.
A basic handlebar mounted wind screen was added to provide wind and rain protection.
The European “one meter rule” was applied, that meaning no part of the motorcycle was more than one meter wide.
Part of the crowd gathered at the send-off for The Clancy Centenary Ride across the USA. Two 1983 Honda GL650s and two 2013 BMW GS Adventures left together to pound the roads for the next 5,500 miles, then the Hondas would go an additional 1,000 miles to Florida.
From Dublin, Ireland I was presented a banner to carry around the world similar to the one Clancy had in 1913 as he circled the globe.
Geoff Thomas, pictured here, gave my GL650 some good karma from a Buddhist temple in Thailand.
I tried to top a small hill in the spirit of the 100 year earlier hill-climb Clancy had won with his Henderson, but bogged down like his well-known Twin competitor.
Some of the broken pavement and remote road conditions in the woods near Cow Creek gave us a slight taste of what was serious trouble 100 years earlier.
Our group of 21st century adventurists was victorious, as seen here, having mastered what 100 years earlier would have been nearly impassable conditions towards Riddle from Glendale, Oregon, described by Clancy as riding in a continuous pigpen.
Geoff Hill thought he could keep his sponsors from seeing his interest in the Oasis Bordello in Wallace, Idaho by driving to the back door, where he was caught peeking here.
The Dumas Hotel, in Butte, Montana, was open when Clancy rode through. Built in 1890, it was operational as a bordello until 1982. Today it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
Geoff Hill shows the Billings, Montana audience the boots that Clancy had worn 100 years earlier on the first around the world ride by motorcycle.
Gary Walker demonstrating the rock solid handling of the big BMW 1200 Adventure at speed.
Our group spent money and time at J&P Cycles, a fun diversion for superstore motorcycle shopping.
Old motorcycles, of the Clancy era, were behind the mission statement of the J&P Cycles.
We tried to guess what Clancy would think if he could see the seemingly endless supply of quality products offered for motorcycles at the J&P Cycle Superstore.
We all agreed Clancy would have been stunned by this display model when compared with his 1912, one speed Henderson motorcycle.
A polar bear welcomed me to the Adventurers Club of Chicago, as well as a portrait of an early member, Theodore Roosevelt.
This may be the only 1912 Henderson on display in the world, at the National Motorcycle Museum.
Having fun with John Parham (right), presenting a well worn and traveled pair of motorcycle boots, pith helmet and other memorabilia while Parham discovers the book "Motorcycle Adventurer" about Clancy’s amazing ride around the world 100 years earlier.
The GPS guru in our group, Richard Livermore, asks directions to be shown on a paper map while Gary Walker looks on.
In a glass case at The Adventurers Club of Chicago I found a pair of gloves worn by an early Alaska motorcycle adventurer, Slim Williams.
Adventurers Club Board Members Michael A. Salim (L) and Marc J. Milburn (R) presented me with a humbling award for my contributions towards adventure.
The buildings in the background stand over what was once the flourishing Henderson Motorcycle Company, now merely a memory and hallowed motorcycle ground.
The BMW riders had to back-up and try another toll booth before they could move forward, much to the entertainment of the horn honking cars halted behind them.
Our core group stopped to be tourists at Niagara Falls. It was as impressive 100 years later as it must have been when Clancy also touristed.
Along the shores of Seneca Lake we found smooth country roads and perfect riding weather, but wondered why Clancy had taken this route.
The Red Rooster Pub pulled us unto the parking lot with this piece of unseen motorcycle art, a cosmic adventure once we saw what had seemingly vectored us in to the pub.
The celebration of The Clancy Centenary Ride, Newburgh, New York, June 20, 2013.
Irish BMW adventurers Geoff Hill (L) points to one of two pennants he and Gary Walker (R) had carried around the world following the Clancy trail of 100 years earlier.
Award from BACKROADS publishers/editors Brian Rathjen and Shira Kamil to Motorcycle USA Adventure Editor-at-Large Dr. Gregory W. Frazier.
The 1913 Henderson motorcycle we found at the Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh, New York.
End of The Clancy Centenary Ride from where Clancy started, Penn Station in New York City, minutes before the motorcycle media frenzy began June 22, 2013.
Passed onto the great-niece of Carl Stearns Clancy, Lynda Clancy, was one of the two pennants provided by one Clancy Centenary Ride creator, Feargal O’Neill. The other will continue on around the world for a second global loop with Richard Livermore and me.