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2013 MV Agusta F3 675 Supersport Shootout Photo Gallery

After years of speculation MV Agusta enters our Supersport test with its new F3 675. Find out more in the 2013 MV Agusta F3 675 Supersport Comparison.

2013 Supersport Shootout X – Horsepower comparison chart.
Supersport Shootout X - Torque comparison chart.
The F3’s handling was toward the front of the pack however its suspension proved to be the limiting factory in its road holding potential.
The F3’s quickshifter worked well and helped the rider keep the engine high in the revs where it pulls hardest.
The two-piece Brembos offered plenty of stopping power as well as feel through the lever. However the limited damping of the fork proved to be the weak link in an otherwise strong braking package.
The MV Agusta’s electronics still need some fine tuning. Throttle response was the least well calibrated of the group making it more challenging to ride.
2013 MV Agusta F3
A more limited range of suspension adjustment hampers the MV’s handling on track. This is the one bike in the contest that could benefit from upgraded componentry from the aftermarket.
Mid corner the F3 delivers all the right sensations and is planted. With high-spec suspension it could be even better.
The MV delivers a strong stream of top-end power which helped it achieve high top speeds before braking for turns.
The F3 feels light in the corner and has an incredibly accurate front end. With some fine tuning this bike could be a Supersport Shootout winner.
The F3’s powerband is flat off the bottom but add in some revs and it takes off in a hurry.
It may not be the fastest bike out on the track but it sure is the most fun. Many of our testers said they would buy an MV based on its handling and character alone.
The MV’s cockpit proved to be comfortable for taller riders however it’s suspension settings deliver a more harsh ride compared to the ultra-supple Japanese bikes.
The F3 carries its weight well on the street and is easy to lean into corners.
Styling-wise the F3 rated highly. We love its clean lines highlighted by its triple pipe, organ-style exhaust.
Although it lacks anti-lock functionality the F3’s brakes are easy to modulate by offering plenty of feel into turns.
Soft bottom-end power paired with quirky throttle response make the F3 tricker to ride in tight turns at slow engine speeds.
Although the F3’s suspension beats up the rider on the street it delivers all the right sensations at lean which builds confidence allowing the rider to better exploit handling potential.
The sound emitted out of the F3’s triple-cylinder motor has to be heard to believed. Click on the video link and hear it for yourself.
The F3’s quickshifter help keep engine on the boil producing power and pulling you forward.