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2013 Suzuki GSX-R600 Supersport Shootout Photo Gallery

Suzuki has a long race-winning history with its GSX-R600. Find out how it ranks against the competition in the 2013 Suzuki GSX-R600 Supersport Comparison.

Supersport Shootout X – Horsepower Comparison Chart.
Supersport Shootout X - Torque comparison chart.
The GSX-R600’s suspension is balanced but lacks the sharp feel of the Ohlins-equipped Triumph or Yamaha R6.
The Suzuki GSX-R600 has a smooth and steady stream of power however it lacks the outright acceleration of the R6.
The Suzuki GSX-R600 handles well but it’s missing the sharpness of the R6 or the agility of the CBR.
Both Suzukis transmissions were more sticky-feeling and were harder to upshift under throttle load.
The Suzuki’s suspension offered good balance and damping but is missing the road feel of the Triumph and Yamaha.
The monobloc calipers from Brembo have good power and are easy to modulate only problem is that they fade slightly and don’t offer 100% consistent lever feel like the other set-ups.
The Suzuki’s ergonomics were rated the best and were the most versatile of the group.
Middle of the road scores in many categories hurt the Suzuki on the scorecard. While it does many things well there’s nothing that had us thinking ‘wow’.
2013 Suzuki GSX-R600.
The GSX-R600 is the second-lightest bike in this contest weighing just two pounds more than the CBR.
The GSX-R600 has one of the most comfortable cockpits in this test. It’s versatile and fits both taller and shorter riders alike.
The GSX-R600’s monobloc Brembo brakes are easy to modulate while trail braking.
The Suzuki 600 is the second-lightest bike in this test. It’s an agile and surefooted handling was well received by all of our testers.
The Suzuki’s suspension provides an ideal balance between sport and comfort on the street.
The Suzuki’s throttle response is excellent which make it easy to apply full throttle off turns.
The GSX-R600 offers the ability to adjust the height of the rider’s footpegs. It’s a clever touch and can makes the Suzuki more comfortable for a wider range of rider sizes.
The Suzuki’s chassis offers a high-level of balance making it easy to command through turns.
Despite not generating substantial peak torque numbers the GSX-R’s powerband is peppy for a 600. The engine also has a fair amount of character emitting an ear-pleasing intake roar during acceleration.