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Dr. Frazier: Annual Running of the Big Dogs 2013 Photo Gallery

See Dr. Frazier and friends during the 2013 Big Dog Adventure Ride in the Annual Running of the Big Dogs 2013 photo gallery.

1981 R80G/S entrant Nathan Mende rode to and from the Big Dog Adventure Ride from Georgia, using his BMW for what he says it was designed for (“G” for off-road and “S” for street).
Two veteran Big Dog entrants and long-time BMW riders ask, “Whoa, what’s that?” when they saw the 2013 Zero DS at the starting line on Day 1.
640cc and larger displacement entrants ranged from a 1981 R80G/S to Kawasaki KLR650s to a 2013 BMW R1200GS and included a BMW F650, R100GS, F800GS. Here they made a short stop to kick tires and swap tales on a trail.
The tale of these two downed Kawasaki KLRs was best described as the “Big Dog Larry, Moe and Curley Show,” Curley being the tow strap that tethered the two motorcycles together in an attempt to bump start one with a dead battery. Upon firing, the towed motorcyclist (Big Dog Larry) attempted to pass the towing bike (Big Dog Moe) while still tethered. Big Dog Larry tried to pull Big Dog Moe around and both went down to the ground.
Four BMW riders were caught making fun of a Kawasaki KLR650 that needed an electronic heart transplant during a rest stop.
This self-made wind screen was elected as “The Most Durable Wind Deflector.”
Victory rider John Ogden received last-minute instructions and clarification of rules before attempting to set world motorcycling records. Ogden obviously ignored the written recommendations on the sign behind him.
The Victory Vision had surprising clearance for the ugly rocks and dips on Ophir Pass. Street tire tread design presented a challenge for the pilot when in loose rocks or mud, but enough rubber remained after the event to ride from Colorado to Ogden’s home base in Arkansas.
“Simply amazing,” was how one of the observers who followed said of John Ogden’s world record setting ride up, over and down Ophir Pass.
Called “sex stones”, a Big Dog short term for “f****** ugly rocks,” this was a sample of what John Ogden and his Victory Vision faced on the west side of Ophir Pass.
John Ogden carefully picked a line for the Victory through a field of sharp, loose rocks.
A little dab helped the Victory Vision mounted John Ogden pilot his way through a field of “oil pan busters” as he slipped and slid down the western side of Ophir Pass.
Veteran Big Dog entrant John Ogden steered the 900-lb Victory Vision around a hole deep enough to swallow a motorcycle helmet.
The victorious Victory Vision rider, after successfully bagging two world records, gave the motorcycle a cooling-off bath through a clear mountain stream.
Cold wind, blowing ice and horizontal blowing snow buffeted and chilled Big Dog entrants who chose to cross Imogene Pass during the 2013 Annual Running of the Dogs.