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Grand Junction KTM

Grand Junction KTM is a motorcycle dealership located in Grand Junction, CO selling BMW, KTM motorcycles. Contact and map Grand Junction KTM through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
2747 Crossroads Blvd.
Grand Junction, CO 81506
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3 Users rated the Dealer an average of 1.3
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rpparson April 22, 2015 02:35 PM
I have tried to do business with this shop time and again, but they sure are making it very hard!. I typically give them the benefit of the doubt but they continue to fall on their face. Bill is the only guy there who is willing to give good customer service, unfortunately his team of coworkers are incompetent. These guys consistently over promise and under deliver. They have finally broken me to the point I will no longer do business with them.
Harley Barfoot December 23, 2010 10:22 PM
This place is glad to take your money, but they aren't into giving you customer service after the sale. I have since, spoke to about 5 or 6 Harley riders, that have dealt with Grand Junction Harley Davidson, and they all had the same opinion. They have missed out on a lot of aftermarket sales, from me, since they weren't interested in trying to assist me or going out of their way to please me after the sale. I ordered a windshield for my bike, since they didn't stock the smoked shorty that I wanted. It came in, and when I tried to put it together, there was no hardware to attach the "quick release" levers to the windshield. I requested they let me have the hardware from a shield they had in stock, but they wouldn't do it. The said to package up the shield, bring it back and they would send it in under warranty! Another 7 to 10 day wait. I just brought it back and got a refund and ordered one from "St. Paul Harley Davidson". The other riders I have spoken to, tell me the Vernal Utah Harley Davidson shop will treat you better and not act like you "have to buy from them!" I can't complain about the Salesman or the Sales Manager, they offered me a fair deal and got the paperwork done promptly and had me riding in about an hour.
Harley Barfoot November 13, 2010 11:15 PM
The sale went smooth, came into the shop about 5 pm and drove out about 6 or a little after. I knew the sales manager, when he worked at a different shop, and he has always been pleasant to deal with. They made the paper work happen so I could ride it home. The next day or two, I also purchased a jacket and ordered some slip on mufflers, and a windshield. Paid up front for these of course, and received a 10% discount..nice. The mufflers worked fine, sound great, but when I went to install the windshield, the "Harley" brand windshield had no mounting hardware, to mount the quick release levers to the windshield. After a couple of phone calls and going to the shop in person, they said they wouldn't take the hardware from a windshield in stock, to satisfy me, and that I would have to box it all back up, bring it out and they would send it in under warranty, this would take another 7 to 10 days! I told them that that was pretty piss poor customer service. (I'm not sure they understood the term "Customer Service", so maybe I lost them there) I can't blame the people at the counter, but evidently the parts manager "Kent" I believe his name was, was happy, since he already had my money, no need to give customer service... He sent the counter jockeys to pass the word on to me. Well, that was The Harley shops first opportunity to show me how they will try and work with their customers and offer some "Customer Service" and it showed me they weren't interested in repeat customers or sales...suits me. Glenwood Springs, or Vernal might appreciate my business. I currently have 5 other motorcycles and in my life have owned close to 80 machines, all have been bought new, except for 4 enduro motorcycles. This was my first Harley...my old age elbows and back, are getting tired of the sport bike position, and I convinced myself that I should buy a cruiser. Nice bike, but not happy with the limited dealings I've had with the parts department. So, in this economy, maybe the Harley shop makes plenty of money, and doesn't need mine. I've ordered over 700 dollars of clothing and luggage etc. off the internet, that might have stayed in Grand Junction... Put the long under rware on and keep riding!
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