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Yates Sets Electric Motorcycle Speed Record

Monday, April 11, 2011
Chip Yates continues to be a pioneer in the field of electric motorcycles. The owner and designer of the SWIGZ.com Pro Racing superbike just shattered the record for fastest e-bike, reaching 190.6 mph in the Mojave Mile Competition held over the weekend at the Mojave Airport. Yates has already made headlines for putting what is billed as “the most powerful and technically advanced electric superbike” on the podium in WERA races at Auto Club Speedway back in January. Yates is also preparing to tackle the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on his super e-bike.

Two things stand out in the video. Listen to this thing spool up. Sounds like a jet's turbine as it gains speed. No shifting, just a steady stream of power. No pauses between gears. Slick. Secondly, check out the how the front end starts to wobble as he approaches peak speed. Good thing Yates has AMA & FIM racing credentials under his belt.

Here’s the description of the run courtesy of SWIGZ.com Pro Racing's YouTube post - On April 10, 2011, while busy preparing the world's most powerful electric superbike for the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the SWIGZ boys decided to pop over to Mojave Airport for the Mojave Mile Competition, where Chip Yates hit 190.6 MPH in only his second and final run, instantly becoming the fastest electric motorcycle in the world! Speeds of over 200 MPH for the superbike were predicted, but a faulty generator blew up the team's two charging systems so only two runs were possible.

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