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Former Wisconsin Senator King of Iron Butts

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
I’ve found a new hero. Been reading reports about former Senator Dave Zien. Seems like this cat’s the ‘King of the Iron Butts’ after riding a million miles on the same 1991 Harley-Davidson FXRT. What’s that I’ve heard about Harleys being unreliable? Someone forgot to tell Dave.

A million miles on a motorcycle. Can you imagine everything he’s seen and experienced, and how many other riders he’s met along his way? If you want to talk about somebody epitomizing the spirit of motorcycling, this guy gets my vote. The Iron Butt Association thinks likewise and just acknowledged him as the World Record holder for logging the most miles on a motorcycle.

What are some of his riding accomplishments? According to a Waukesha Freeman report, he’s ridden 1,616 miles in 24 hours, 3,032 miles in 48 hours, and he’s ridden through all 48 states in eight days. Along the way, his FXRT has seen at least three engines, a few trannys, and no telling how many tires. If I was a tire supplier, I would have hooked this guy up with a sponsorship. 

Harley-Davidson recognized Dave’s accomplishment by presenting him with a 2009 FLHXR in exchange for his Million Mile Bike. His old motorcycle is said to be headed to the Sturgis Hall of Fame. The former Wisconsin senator is already inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame for not only his riding achievements but for his motorcycle rights advocacy during his 18-year tenure in the state assembly.
Former Wisconsin Senator Dave Zien  million mile man
Former Wisconsin State Senator, Dave Zien, after riding his  Harley-Davidson a million miles.

Dave Zien  before spending a million miles on the seat of his Harley.
Dave Zien, before spending a million miles on the seat of his Harley.
What’s next for Zien? Maybe a shave and a haircut.
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Christine Schad -Dave Zien December 7, 2009 02:12 PM
Dave Zien is our hero too! He stopped in to our small HD service shop Classic Cycle, in Neenah, WI in mid-April this past spring, right after he received his brand new Road Glide, and signed up for our shop's mileage contest. We had no idea who he was, but were totally charmed by his magnetic personality and stories of his travels. After he left our shop, we found out who he was, former state senator, million mile man, the works. Apparently, he was headed out to Los Angeles to appear on the Jay Leno show right after leaving our place! 200 days later, on a frigid November 1, he showed up again at the shop again, in that time frame he had logged a mind blowing 77,884 miles on his bike, easily winning the mileage contest. He shared venison jerky with us from a deer he had hit on his bike just weeks before. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. If anyone wants to see photos of Dave, check out our website, www.classiccycleshop.com. Dave is planning on entering the Hoka Hey Challenge next year, I would bet my last dollar he'll win!!!