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Atlantis Launches, Aprilia Salutes Space Shuttle

Friday, July 8, 2011
Harley in the commanders seat of Atlantis.
Never fear, Commander Harley is here. Sitting in the commander's seat of the space shuttle Atlantis was an honor. Aprilia USA has pieced together a great tribute to America's space shuttle program.
The Space Shuttle Atlantis embarked on its final journey into space today. During Daytona Beach Bike Week, I got a chance to visit Kennedy Space Center for a special tour that included an opportunity to go inside Atlantis. Even got to sit in the commander’s chair, an experience I’ll never forget. I met many of the people behind the scenes, faithful workers who dedicated much of their lives toward taking America’s space program to new heights. Sadly, many of those are now without a job.
So this day of jubilation is also a day of tribulation. To counter the melancholy, I checked out the “Aprilia USA pays tribute to the Space Shuttle” video. It is a compelling  homage pieced together from images of the shuttle and the Aprilia superbike along with brief factoids, drawing comparisons between the shuttle and the RSV4 much in the same manner as I did in my "Star Stryker to the Space Station" article. Stirring music helps set the tone. Watching the launch takes your breath away while the clips of the RSV4 rippin’ around a track add to the emotional impact of the piece.

The video ends as these words flash across the screen. “As the space shuttle makes its final flight, Aprilia USA pays tribute to the men and women who brought us the greatest engineering marvel this world has ever seen.” We second that notion and tip our hats to those of you who worked with the space shuttle program, like our friend Brad Smith. Maybe we can absorb some of those brilliant engineering minds into the motorcycle industry and have them create the next generation of superbike. Bon voyage, Atlantis.

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suzgil23 August 20, 2011 02:05 AM
Nice article!
Glen July 8, 2011 06:51 PM
You can't be the mission commander without the red stripe.