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Headin' to Sturgis? Scenic, South Dakota 4 Sale

Thursday, July 28, 2011
Scenic South Dakota
The Longhorn Saloon in Scenic, South Dakota used to be a popular stop for motorcyclists coming out of the Badlands. Now it's just another empty building in the ghost town of Scenic, South Dakota. A cool $799,999 will get you the Longhorn Saloon and the entire town, including 46 acres of West River property.
Heading to Sturgis this year? Then there’s a chance you’re going to be rolling right by the tiny South Dakota town of Scenic. What was once a scene straight out of the Wild West from the fringes of the Badlands is now little more than a ghost town. In its heyday, the town had a bank, grocery stores, a high school, church and a hotel. But the area never really recovered from the effects of the Great Depression and has been steadily declining since.

So if you’re tired of paying jacked-up prices for a hotel room during the Sturgis Rally, here’s a remedy. Buy your own South Dakota town! Apparently, Scenic is for sale. The two women who own most of the town just can’t maintain it, but were raised there and have nothing but fond memories of when the little town thrived. Now its buildings are dilapidated and worn. Windows are boarded up. The once popular Longhorn Saloon, claimed to be frequented often by bikers, has long since closed its doors and there’s not much trading going on these days at the Tatanka Trading Post.

Scenic is up for sale for the bargain basement price of $799,999. That will get you 46 acres of West River property, 12 acres in town and 34 acres outside of it. The deal includes a U.S Post Office land lease, the Longhorn Saloon, a very large dance hall with basketball court, a bunkhouse which sleeps 8-10 people, a museum, historic train depot, two homes, two jails and the Longhorn Fuel & Food Convenience Store, which I hear serves as a liquor store as well. (After all, it does get extremely cold in these parts during the winter!)

Maybe a motorcycle enthusiast will buy Scenic and return it to its former glory as a popular watering hole for bikers. If not, maybe a few will at least stop by to spend a few dollars at their convenience store and snap a photo or two in front of one of their historic buildings.
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dealhopper July 28, 2011 02:10 PM
Ingenious! In case you didn't know, Coyote Ugly Saloon Rapid City is opening up just in time for the Sturgis Bike Rally. Vote for your favorite Coyote Ugly bartender now and you could win an iPAD. Who knows - maybe we can convince the Coyote Ugly girls to take a sidetour to Scenic? Takes just a second to vote: https://apps.facebook.com/?coyoteuglycontest/contests?/141099.