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OCC, PJD, James, Fast n' Loud 4-Way Build-Off

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
According to a report posted yesterday on Entertainment Weekly.com, the Discovery Channel is planning a four-way biker build-off between Paul Teutul, Sr. of Orange County Choppers fame, his son Paul Teutul, Jr. of Paul Jr.
OCCs Paul Teutul  Sr.
Paul Jr. of American Chopper
Jesse James Outlaw Garage
Here we go again! The Discovery Channel reportedly will be holding another 'Biker Build-Off' featuring Paul Teutul Sr. and Jr. as well as Jesse James. The curve ball this year is the addition of the zany duo from Fast N' Loud, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman.
Designs, former owner of West Coast Choppers and master metal craftsman Jesse James and the guys from Discovery’s Fast N’ Loud series, Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman.

If the formula sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Last December a Biker Build-Off pitting father vs. son vs. James was broadcast live from the Las Vegas Strip with viewers giving the win to Paul Jr. Designs. The show was a ratings success for the Discovery Channel to the tune of a claimed 4.8 million viewers. This year’s competition will also take place in Las Vegas with a two-night special planned on Dec. 10th and 11th.

The wild card this year is the inclusion of the guys from Gas Monkey Garage. Car guys at heart, Rawlings and Kaufman nonetheless are true gearheads whose skills translate to two or four wheels. When the Gas Monkey Garage guys were asked on Twitter when the biker build-off was, they replied to @Bigfan04 “Dec 11-12, working on the bike as we speak!”

Both James and Gas Monkey Garage are currently operating in Texas, James living outside of Austin while Gas Monkey Garage is located in Dallas. The fire between the two shops is already being stoked by Rawlings who recently poked fun at the former West Coast Choppers owner in a TMZ interview saying “He’s in Texas trying to act like a Texan.” Rawlings also added “I’m checking out a little property down in Long Beach that used to be a motorcycle shop, I heard it’s a good buy right now, it’s kind of empty and nobody’s doing anything with it.” Sounds like it’s game on.

Though none of the participants have any info about the event listed on their websites yet, the Discovery Channel retweeted a link to the Entertainment Weekly story lending validity to the impending build-off. Stay tuned for the official announcement coming soon.
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gnick   December 11, 2012 06:52 PM
In my opinion Fast N Loud should win. They built a bike that can actually be ridden all those other bikes are just statues. Sure fast and loud didnt machine all of their one off parts in a CNC machine and maybe their bike didnt cost 200k to build. But its got character. All the other bikes look like something out of a futuristic movie filmed in the late 80's. With that being said, I always thought Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. got rich off of building really expensive big wheels. I own and ride motorcycles, and anyone who loves riding motorocycles wouldnt have any interest in those over priced tonka trucks. I like what they do for charity and fire departments and all, but those bikes are stupid to anyone who actually wants to ride. GO FAST AND LOUD
mac38965   December 10, 2012 07:45 PM
I'm pulling for Paul Jr. Fast and Loud showed they are completely disrespectful of their competition. I like their show but, I hope this build off bites them in the ass.
mac38965   December 10, 2012 07:40 PM
I am a long time fan of Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. They are truly building their bikes and using their imaginations. As for James, while I like him to some degree, all his bikes look too much alike. Can we say BORING? Now, for Fast and Loud. I like your show and think you guys are amazing at flipping cars and trucks. That said..... You didn't even build your bike. You ordered it, cleaned it up, modified it some and put it back together. This was a bike build off, not a bike rip off. And James sucks simply because he cried because he needed more time, rather than bowing out gracefully like a man with balls or class.
cobar   November 19, 2012 07:20 PM
What has happened to TV? Show us Jason Pool being forced to eat one of his own testicals. Now that would be a reward for paying this damn satilite bill.
dillard   November 18, 2012 02:56 AM
hey dick, aka richard. the guys from occ and pjr builds motorcycles that a business wants for their company. sometimes for charities. a bike that is for them, not a prodution bike. they make most parts in their shops, things like wheels,finders,gas tanks,customs sits,handle bars. they use things from the company. pjr builds bikes you can't say,hey i'm goings to go buy one of those.
Piglet2010   October 10, 2012 08:39 PM
They should make it more interesting by disqualifying any bike and rider that cannot pass the ALMOST test.