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Sheer Lunasee - Side Lighting Safety System

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
ASL 1000 Sport Bike Image
The Lunasee ASL 1000 is a motorcycle side lighting safety system aimed at making riders move visible at night.
ASL 1000 Cruiser Image
It’s no secret that motorcycles are hard to see at night. Put a bike with few reflectors and dark paint on a remote road in the black of night and you’re nigh invisible to cars. A company called Lunasee is seeking to remedy this situation with its motorcycle side lighting safety system.

According to company PR, “The ASL 1000 significantly improves low light driving safety by creating an easily recognizable and identifiable light signature which identifies you as a motorcyclist to other vehicles – even if their lights are not shining on you as needed with reflective components!”

It goes on to say that there’s “no lights, wires or batteries on the wheels. Virtually invisible in daylight, yet uniquely visible at night.”

The way the system lights up your wheels makes me think of Tron. But I know from my experiences on the rally scene that LEDs lighting up frames and engines is popular right now, and those are more for aesthetics. Contrarily, this product is being marketed for safety reasons, which definitely piques our interest.

Here’s how it works. You stick on a ring of LERtape (Light Emitting Rim) with an automotive grade adhesive on your rim and while the wheel spins, LEDpods mounted to the fork shoot a high intensity beam at the photoluminescent tape which charges it, creating the rings of light. A controller connected to your battery or an accessory power wire provides the juice for the LEDpods, but the only thing on the wheels itself is the lightweight tape. The system overall is small and looks like it can be integrated indiscreetly onto the motorcycle.

The ASL 1000 – Active Side Lighting Kit fits a variety of motorcycles and lists for $199.95. Check ‘em out at Lunasee.com
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