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Time to Ride 2010 Harley CVO Motorcycles

Monday, June 22, 2009
2009 Harley-Davidson CVO Motorcycles
The 2009 CVO Fat Bob was my favorite custom Harley last year. Which model will win that title this year? We'll find out next week when we take our first ride on the 2010 Harley-Davidson CVO motorcycles.
Man, hard to believe, but the 2010 line of motorcycles is already coming out. We’ve got an invite to travel to Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco, CA, next week to ride the 2010 line of Harley-Davidson CVO motorcycles. For those not in the know, CVO stands for Custom Vehicle Operation, which means these are the baddest Harleys you can get straight from the factory. Powered by H-D’s largest production engine, the 1800cc Twin Cam 110, and benefitting from plenty of Screamin’ Eagle performance upgrades, the motorcycles run as sharp as they look.

Harley-Davidson started up the CVO program in 1999. Seems like Harley owners kept asking for a factory-produced custom straight from The Motor Company. H-D responded by building the first two CVO models, the FXR2 and the FXR3. Production was limited to 900 of each model, and both bikes were powered by 1340cc Evolution engines. The initial launch of the CVOs was a success, so H-D did it again the following year, introducing the FXR4 and the Screamin’ Eagle Road Glide. Since then, the line has continued to grow, expanding to three motorcycles in 2005, and growing to four CVO models in 2007.

Since this is the 10th year of the CVO program, I’m sure Harley has a few surprises in store to commemorate this milestone. The lucky motorcycles that are chosen for the program have a habit of rotating year-in and year-out, so it will be interesting to see which bikes get the nod this year. The CVO Fat Bob was my favorite last year. The Fang wheels looked wicked, the Screamin’ Eagle 110 launched the bike with authority, the Tommy Gun 2-1-2 exhaust let out a hearty growl, and custom touches like a granite chin spoiler fixed to the downtubes and the forward-facing air filter made for one smokin’ hot cruiser. Hard to call this thing a cruiser though, the way that it rides. And even though I’m not a fan of yellow, the Yellow Pearl/Platinum Quartz combo on the 2009 CVO Fat Bob is a one that I’d proudly own.

I know firsthand how much pride and hard work goes into the CVO line. For one year, the teams that build the CVOs concentrate on nothing but that – honing in one particular model until it is the best that Harley has to offer. I’ve also had the pleasure of visiting one of the companies that does the paint for the CVOs and was impressed with the amount of hand-detailing that goes into the fenders and tanks. Impressive stuff. So, a little shout-out to my buddy Jeff Smith, who last year was the Team Manager for the CVO Fat Bob. What you got for us this year, Jeff? Guess I’ll find out next week.
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larry mcandress -harley owner January 18, 2010 01:23 AM
are the new ultra cvo model coming out in jan 2010
Murrel Petry -address for Jeff Smith December 8, 2009 10:03 PM
Bryan, I'll cut to the chase. I met Jeff Smith personally last August at Rapid City display and he was the one person that convinced me to buy a Softtail Convertible. He spent considerable time talking to me about the bike and how they designed it, etc. Even autographed a CVO catalog for me. It is to that end that I am trying to contact Jeff with an email address to ask him about the availability of a saddlebag guard for the bike. The guard that fits the 2010 Heritage will not fit this bike. Holes don't line up, it contacts the pipes, etc. That was a major factor in getting this bike was that the guards would fit it so it could give my passenger as much protection as I have with the engine guard. So, if you would supply me with an address I could contact him with, I would very much appreciate it. Murrel Petry mspetry07@aol.com Richland, Washington
Damon -2010 CVO Fat Bob December 6, 2009 02:56 PM
Just got my new 2010 CVO Fat Bob with the sandstorm grind paint. WOW, what a bike. I love what Harley did with the seats using the distressed leather. Great looking bike.
Big Lou -2010 Street Glide July 23, 2009 09:53 AM
The rumor on the "Street"... Glide is overdue for the CVO makeover - 2010.
JJ -Sportster July 22, 2009 02:55 AM
I´ve already sow a new awesome Sportster.
bryan harley -right pic July 21, 2009 09:15 AM
Joey, you are correct, the bike in the picture isn't the Fat Bob, but the CVO Springer Softail. I just put it in because I like that shot. It's a good action photo. But I still enjoyed riding the CVO Fat Bob the most.

And I would love to address all of the other questions. But Donny nailed it - everything has to be kept under wraps until the annual dealer show. But that's Saturday, so look for a full report on the 2010 models this weekend. We'll go live July 25th, so check back and I'll have some answers for you.
Joey V -wrong pic. July 20, 2009 06:36 PM
You talk about the CVO Fat Bob as being your favorite, but the bike in the picture is a SE Softail Springer...What gives?
Magic Man -2010 Roadglide Ultra July 12, 2009 05:20 AM
Is it true that H-D will build another fixed-fairing Ultra for 2010? btorrey3@tampabay.rr.com
mike mclendon -2010 cvo ultra changes July 11, 2009 10:08 AM
hi, can you tell me about te 2010cvo ultra classic , what change,s an colors , thanks
Donny -Article Release July 1, 2009 09:18 AM
Are they going to make you wait until after the dealer show before you can release the article? I know they are pretty secretive about all their production info.
mike -2010 Ultra Classic Electra Glide June 28, 2009 12:44 AM
Did you see the 2010 Ultra Classic Electra Glide and if so could you tell me a bit about it and when i can buy one thanks