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Queensryche Kicks Off Sturgis Buffalo Chip '13

Thursday, January 24, 2013
Partying at the Legendary Buffalo Chip
There's no place to party like the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. Woody and the Buffalo Chip gang announced that Queensryche is the band vested with the responsibility of getting the party started off on the right foot in 2013 and will rock the Wolfman Jack Stage Friday, Aug. 2.
What’s that you say? How can you be thinking about Sturgis when we haven’t even hit Daytona Beach Bike Week yet?

Maybe because we always have Sturgis on our minds. And when we think of Sturgis, we think of the Legendary Buffalo Chip, our favorite place to party in the Black Hills.

So we were stoked to learn that Queensryche will be the band vested with the responsibility of getting the 2013 party started at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. The veteran rockers will hit the Wolfman Jack Stage Friday, Aug. 2, 2013.

I thought the band that is currently doing a special “25th Anniversary of Operation Mindcrime” tour, fronted by Geoff Tate and including Rudy Sarzo and Bobby Blotzer, was the ones that were playing, but astute reader jeffbr brought it to my attention that it will be the what he calls "the real band, fronted by Todd La Torre with three of the band's founding members." Appreciate you setting the record straight, jeffbr. Now let's rock!!

Queensryche – Sturgis 2013 – at the Chip. See you there August 2!!

Here’s a bit more info courtesy of the good people at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip.

Hard rockers Queensryche will be making their way to the Sturgis concert stage as they join ZZ Top, Toby Keith and Brantley Gilbert at the 2013 Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling. Queensryche will be brining their hit “Silent Lucidity,” among others, to the Wolfman Jack stage to melt your ear drums on Friday, Aug. 2, 2013.

Queensryche was formed in 1981 and hit the ground running with the release of a four track EP in 1982. The hard rock riffs of Queensryche has been played generation through generation, releasing 12 albums and gaining popularity worldwide, often playing to sold out shows. Known for legendary rock songs “Silent Lucidity,” “I Don’t Believe in Love,” “Jet City Woman,” and “Revolution Calling,” Queensryche brings a rock solid show to any stage they set foot on, including at the Sturgis Music Festival.

Queensryche is sure to rock the revving motorcycle crowd at the Sturgis Music Festival with their hits from one of their 12 albums that have sold more than 30 million worldwide. This is one band that you will not want to miss, for to miss a Queensryche Sturgis concert is to miss out on once-in-a-lifetime memories and ear-splitting rock riffs.

Reserve your tickets now for the Best Party Anywhere and your chance to make lifelong memories listening to the hard rock guitar licks of Queensryche! Don’t forget about ZZ Top, Toby Keith and Brantley Gilbert, also taking to the stage at the Legendary Buffalo Chip in 2013.
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ReneeRycher February 11, 2013 06:18 AM
Many successful bands have gone through a lot of lineup changes and still been successful. Yes has been through so many, I don't even remember who the "founding" members are. But I would be happy to see any rendition again. Parker is not a "founding" member of Queensryche, but has been with the band long enough to have earned his place and say this is 4/5 of the "real" band. Which one (4/5 of the band or 1/5 of the band) you go see and enjoy really depends on during which part of their career you became a fan. If you want the metal sound of their 80's releases, go see the one that has the QR musicians with the new voice. If you want the Promised Land/Q2K sound, go see Geoff and his new lineup. Geoff does not like metal music, and has said he will never do it again. If you liked his solo album, you will love his version of Queensryche.If you prefer the metal sound, you want the other guys. If you have a wide taste in music, go enjoy both. I have seen both. Both are the quality we have come to expect from Queensryche. So it really has nothing to do with music politics, but just which kind of music you prefer.
jeffbr February 8, 2013 04:56 PM
LOL @ nudescreamingmike. Cover band? With 3 original members? Vs.Tate's band with a cobbled together "guest" lineup and a washed up lead singer? I would love to see a showdown between Queensryche and Tateryche. It would be no contest.
nudescreamingmike January 26, 2013 06:40 PM
So the Queensryche cover band with Todd La Turd will be playing? If Ballard was smart he would get Queensryche to play Full Throttle on the same night and pull the crowd to see Tate sing.
harley1 January 24, 2013 04:08 PM
Thanks for clearing that up for me. I knew there were two factions now, but wasn't certain which one was playing. Big fan from back in the day. Seen them way back opening for the likes of both Metallica and the Suicidal Tendencies, back in their long, leather trenchcoat days. Great song writing and musicianship for sure. Appreciate the correction.
jeffbr January 24, 2013 03:53 PM
Hi Bryan - Should be a killer lineup! Just a quick correction. The real Queensryche will actually be playing the Buffalo Chip, not Tate's version. The real band, as pictured in your link to the Buffalo Chip's website, is fronted by Todd La Torre, and includes 3 founding members. They've been playing to enthusiastic crowds and have been receiving rave reviews. They play all of the harder, material off of their first 5 albums, and will definitely rock the house!