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Vetter Challenge, Future Motorcycles at Quail

Friday, April 12, 2013
Craig Vetters Streamliner competed in the Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge held during the 2012 Quail Ride.
Craig Vetter not only hosts The Vetter Fuel Challenge at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, he also sets the pace on his own streamliner.
Craig Vetter gives the Innovation Award to Treven Baker for his homemade diesel motorcycle.
Vetter presented the 2011 Innovation Award to Treven Baker for his homemade diesel motorcycle.
What started as a quaint affair for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts to gather, ride, and display their two-wheeled time capsules continues to evolve. This year’s Quail Motorcycle Gathering promises to be the best yet. Sure, there’ll be a scenic ride through Carmel Valley and a chance to spin a couple of parade laps at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. And there will be an incredible array of classic and contemporary motorcycles the next day on the lawns of the picturesque Quail Lodge Resort, some real deals will be found at The Quail Marketplace, and sumptuous BBQ will be served up to a bunch of happy campers.

But one of the events I always look forward to is the fun and funky machines that will be competing in The Vetter Fuel Challenge. Hosted by fuel economy pioneer Craig Vetter, it’s always a hoot to see streamliners of all shapes and sizes competing to see who can get the most out of the least. From diesel-powered bikes to electric/combustion hybrids, the ingenuity will be flowing again this year. The goal once again,

“To develop motorcycles than can: Go 70mph into a 30mph headwind with a useful load in great comfort.” The bikes must be able to keep up with the other competitors in the challenge and have the capacity to carry four bags of groceries. This, of course, all done in comfort with style (styling being subjective). This year they’ve broken vehicles into three categories – Best Traditional Fuel Challenger (gas station liquids), Best Electric Challenger (plug-in-the-wall energy), Best Alternative Fuel Challenger (everything else). In the end, though, there can be only winner amongst all three groups, the motorcycle that best meets the criteria listed above.

Fred Hayes claimed the top prize in the Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge at the 2011 Quail Motorcycle Ride on his 2010 Hayes Diesel (MD690R1) which used a miniscule 1.04 gallons of gas during the 120-mile ride at a cost of only $4.73.

Another new wrinkle this year will be a “Gathering of Future Motorcycles.” Vetter will be the presenter of this display as well that will feature “three-wheelers, cabin motorcycles, streamliners, electric motorcycles and even bikes that can fly?” That last statement sure grabbed my attention. Almost as exciting is the discovery that Randy Grubb, a master aluminum artist from my home town of Grants Pass, Oregon, will be one of the guest presenters with his beautifully crafted ‘Decopod.’ So in addition to the past, the Quail Gathering addresses the future of motorcycles as well this year, a first for the event.

If this sounds like a fun event to you, tickets are still available. Go to the Quail Lodge Events page for more information. We’ll be there and hope to see plenty of you there as well.
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