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Neale Bayly Rides Peru to Air June 9

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Neale Bayly is a man of many hats. Or maybe we should say helmets, because he’s a madman behind the bars of a motorcycle. But he’s also a writer, rider, photographer, moto-journalist, wise-crackin’ Brit, father, and most recently, a philanthropist. We’ve been fortunate to have him pen articles for Motorcycle USA in the past before he began heading up SPEEDTV.com’s motorcycle section where many came to know him from his TV gig called “Trippin’ on Two Wheels.”

Neale Bayly Rides
Neale Bayly (center) is a man on a mission in his new TV show, 'Neale Bayly Rides,' as he takes three novice riders on the adventure of a lifetime through Peru on their way to the Hogar Belan orphanage.
Neale’s got a new show coming out soon and this time the light-hearted tone of “Trippin’ on Two Wheels” is replaced by an adventure with deeper meaning. You see, years ago Bayly was on an adventure-touring ride to Peru where he visited the Hogar Belen orphanage. The kids in the orphanage left an irrepressible impression upon Neale, and not long after he formed Wellspring International Outreach, a “non-profit dedicated to helping orphans around the world.”

And it is bringing awareness to the plight of these children that lies at the core of his latest adventure. “Neale Bayly Rides” takes “three average riders on the journey of a lifetime.” Starting in Lima, they embark on an eight-day journey across Peru riding BMW motorcycles on their way to Moquegua. Watching the trailer, the riders were ill-prepared for the demands of desert riding. But it’s not only about the ride. They’re on a mission - to visit the orphanage for abandoned children in Peru’s southeastern desert. We guarantee it’s going to be one of those types of shows that not only touch those involved, but reaches out to those who watch.

Best part is, the three-part series is getting set to air Sunday, June 9 at 9 p.m. (EST) on SPEEDTV with the other episodes running the following Sundays, June 16 and June 23. We’re honored to call Neale our friend so we encourage you to tune in for a motorcycle show unlike any other. For more info, check out the "Neale Bayly Rides" website. Ride on, ride strong Neale.
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