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Minsk Man Builds Mini Confederate B91 Wraith

Friday, June 21, 2013
Confederate B91 Wraith replica
At first glance you'd think it was a 2006 Confederate B91 Wraith. Upon further inspection, you realize it's a 1/12 scale replica created by Valera Mashirov from Minsk, Belarus.

Confederate B91 Wraith by Valera Mashirov
At first glance it looks like the real McCoy, down to the finite details of its carbon fiber bits and monocoque frame. It has the same wing blade front end and single-sided swingarm, its rear suspension a single coil-over shock. Its backbone consists of a thick carbon fiber tube arching just above a 45-degree V-Twin. Everything looks to be in the proper place, ready to ride, until you realize this one’s maybe six-inches long.

The miniature motorcycle in question was made by Valera Mashirov from Minsk, Belarus. Seems like Mashirov has a talent for building miniature models because he’s also made a replica of Valentino Rossi’s championship-winning Yamaha MotoGP bike, a Honda chopper, and others. But like the original, the 2006 Confederate B91 Wraith is a piece de resistance, an artfully crafted 1/12-scale rendition of the original. Mashirov sent us a handful of photos of his project, which have already circulated around the office, so we thought we’d share it with everybody else, too.

The Confederate B91 Wraith was a refreshing twist on industrial design at a time of stagnation because of the stretched-out, 300mm-running radical craze TV fueled at the time. It helped put Confederate Motorcycles on the map, and thanks to his amazing recreation, its shed light on the the talents of Mashirov as well. Thanks for sharing Valera.
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