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Nevada Passes Bill Allowing Bikers to Run Red

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Main Street Daytona Beach
If you've ever been stuck at a red light that refuses to change for you while riding a motorcycle, you know how frustrating that can be. Nevada joins the list of states that legally allows motorcyclists to pass through a red light if its sensors don't pick you up.
If you ride a motorcycle, more than likely you’ve been there, sitting at a red light that doesn’t register you. All around you signals are changing, traffic is flowing by, and you just sit. Unless a larger vehicle comes up behind you, motorcyclists are stuck like chuck. Motorcycles and bicyclists often are too small to trigger magnetic sensors that switch traffic lights from red to green. I know I’m not the only one out there who eventually has lost patience and ran the red when the coast was clear at the risk of receiving a ticket from local law enforcement.

According to a report by KOLO 8 out of Reno, Nevada is the latest state to allow motorcyclists to run red lights that don’t acknowledge them. “Assembly Bill 117 enables motorcyclists, moped, trimobile and bike riders to go through red lights after waiting two rounds of the signal without getting a green light,” reported KOLO. This means Nevada joins South Carolina, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Idaho, Arkansas, Tennessee, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri as states where this practice is allowed to some degree.

In my opinion, this legislation should be adopted nationwide. Pundits say it’s a dangerous practice opening the doors for accidents and abuse of the privilege, by to me that’s a ludicrous statement. It happens with such infrequency and motorcyclists aren’t going to cross unless it’s clear. Detractors obviously don’t ride and have never been stuck at a light while it continues to cycle through and allow everybody to pass but you. Just about everybody I know is going to run it eventually anyways, so it’d be nice to have the peace of mind to be able to do so without having to suffer the repercussions of a spendy traffic ticket. Way to go, Nevada.
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WhatNextMoron October 2, 2013 12:42 PM
"It happens with such infrequency and motorcyclists aren’t going to cross unless it’s clear. " you are SUCH a moron. Like you seriously know how often it happens and that ALL motorcycles are ALWAYS going to cross when it's clear and it's ALWAYS going to stay clear when they cross. Some rules are just not meant to be toyed with, redlights are sacrosant. But here's the kicker. The laws say that you can now run reds after TWO cycles ostensibly because the police will ticket you. But how are you going to prove that you sat there through two cycles? The police don't have to ticket you for moving-violations, they can either give you a warning or just not take any action at all. So the idea here is to say to a cop "hey it's legal for me to bust a red after 2 cycles" and he just says "but you didn't wait 2 cycles". If he wants to be an ahole and write you up, he's going to be an ahole and write you up. Even if you have a camera, whatever. He'll still write you up and make you appear in court to defend the ticket. The last thing that motorcyclists need to be doing is running red-lights, we already have enough trouble with that.