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Pickin' n' Grinnin' for Icon's Airmada Bass-tard

Friday, September 27, 2013
Icon Airmada Basstard Helmet
There’s two things you can’t accuse the Icon crew of not having - a sense of humor and creativity. Case in point, its new Icon Airmada Bass-tard video. Who else but Icon would put a guitar-strummin’ country boy, a trophy-mounted wiggling bass, and a sunglass-wearin’ beaver with some Red Guy chew in a fishin’ boat together, along with their new Airmada Basstard Helmet, and make a video? Only a company that isn’t afraid to throw caution to the wind, one that likes to have a little fun and doesn’t take themselves overly serious like some stuffy companies do. Maybe that’s why I can relate.

It’s colorful, it’s comical, it’s not for everybody, but it is for some. The Icon Basstard Helmet has all the typical Airmada goodness – injection-molded polycarbonate shell, removable Hydra-dry liner, Prolock shield locking system, recessed twin channel Supervents to keep the air flowing, and a proprietary Airmada shield with FogFree coating. So even though the graphics are fun and frivolous, its basic construction is serious business that meets DOT, ECE, SAI and SG standards.

I confess. I’ve played the Bass Fishing video game on Wii and my son wanted me to buy him a wall-mounted bass that moves to music like the one Icon used in its video, so the good ol’ boy in me can relate. Yes, I’m prone to mindless indulgence at time. But I know I’m not alone. Seems like the Icon guys are right there with me.

Icon Airmada Basstard Helmet – Get one at the Motorcycle Superstore. MSRP $260

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