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Soldiers in Afghanistan Seek Help w/ Bike Build

Monday, February 24, 2014
Jump PLT PSD motorcycle
A few years back, SSgt. Jeffrey S. McCarty and a group of fellow soldiers restored this Ghazvani motorcycle as a side project and morale booster. SSgt. McCarty is once again back in Afghanistan and is trying to coordinate another bike build and could use a little help with materials for the project.
We recently received a message on our Facebook page from SSgt. Jeffrey S. McCarty, a Marine serving his fifth deployment in Afghanistan. Before his current tour, SSgt. McCarty was platoon commander for a Personal Security Detachment a few years back who helped coordinate a bike-building project for his team. The project served as an outlet for soldiers to put the dangers of their detail aside, at least for a few moments. They located a Ghazvani motorcycle and set about restoring it in between patrols and escort duties (PSD Marines Boost Morale by Building Bike – courtesy of DVIDS - featured on Motorcycle USA June 27, 2011). As many bikers already know, wrenching and riding a motorcycle can be a form of therapy in and of itself. And so it was for these soldiers.

SSgt. McCarty reached out because he’s back in Afghanistan again with the 1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment. He’s looking at getting his fellow soldiers involved in another bike-building project and could use a little help, seeing how resources are pretty limited in his current neck of the woods. So we published his message below to see if any readers or bike shops out there might be able to help out his team with a few items they need for the project. We’ve got nothing but respect for SSgt. McCarty and the sacrifices he’s made in defense of the American way of life. We couldn’t enjoy the freedom of the open road without brave men and women like him. Thank you, SSgt. Jeffrey McCarty!


Ya'll had done a story on my former platoon and the motorcycle we had built in June 2011 while we were in Afghanistan. We were a Personal Security Detachment (PSD) and I have added a photo that the USMC public affairs team never showed that we thought was much cooler.

Well here I am on my 5th deployment and back here in Afghanistan again with another infantry unit (1st Battalion 9th Marine Regiment). Well things have been pretty busy so far, but it so happens we have 4 motorcycles on our patrol base and having showed everyone the previously built bike, it was decided that we were gonna build another.

We have decided on a flat black theme with metallic copper or bronze trim and details. I have the designs drawn up and we are looking for some possible help. We have a mechanic with a welder and are trying to make a thinner pipe than the other bike. Some of the items we could use are body filler, masking tape, sand paper, black pipe wrap.

It's a whole new team this year and I'd have to say some of these guys have some pretty damn good ideas. If there is any help that ya'll could give, we would be very appreciative. We could keep you updated with pictures and there is already a public affairs officer who is in intrigued by our project. The previous officer who wrote the last article said he was also interested again in the story. Thank you for any help and we hope to hear back from you.


SSgt Jeffrey S. McCarty
1/9 C Co 3rd Plt
Unit 13957
FPO AE 09510-3957
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