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Another Good Reason to Wear a Helmet

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Wouldnt want to have taken one of these upside my head!
Wouldn't want to have taken one of these upside my head!
Just got back from Sturgis. If you didn’t hear, Mother Nature unleashed her wrath as it traveled east down Hwy. 34 toward the Buffalo Chip Campground. We were trapped by skull-crackin’ sized hail in a rental SUV. Luckily, we weren’t on motorcycles at the time, but there were riders who weren’t so fortunate.

After sitting the storm out, we drove down the road from the Full Throttle Saloon to the Buffalo Chip Campground to check out the carnage. Bikers had grabbed anything they could to protect their bikes – leather jackets, sleeping bags, foam pads, cardboard boxes, whatever was on-hand nearby was used to protect precious motorcycles. But while reading the Rapid City Journal’s account of the incident the next day, I came across a story about a guy who tried to sit out the storm in his tent. Seems like a baseball-sized hail ball ripped through his tent and knocked him out cold. Buffalo Chip owner Rod Woodruff said they found him unconscious in his tent and hustled him to the hospital to get checked out.

So I added it to the list. Reason Number 101 to remember to wear your helmet – South Dakota hail storms can knock you senseless.
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