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OCC Builds First Electric Chopper

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Siemens Smart Chopper
Paul Teutul, Sr. and the OCC crew have created an electric chopper for the electronic and engineering powerhouse, Siemens.
Orange County Choppers is going green. Paul Teutul, Sr. was seen cruising around New York City's Time Warner Center Wednesday on what is being touted as the first electric chopper. The latest custom motorcycle built by the OCC crew runs on batteries and is made from recycled parts. Even the water-based paint is eco-friendly.

Paul Sr. was commissioned to build the green bike for electronics and electrical engineering powerhouse Siemens. The Siemens Smart Chopper is claimed to have a range of 60 miles after charging up for five hours and is said to reach a top speed of 100mph. Better yet, you can plug it into a standard 110 V outlet to juice it back up, then you’re back on the road.

“Building an electric bike from recycled materials was something new for us, but we definitely enjoyed the challenge,” said Paul Teutul, Sr.

The electric chopper is powered by a series-wound 8-inch motor with 27 peak horsepower from Advanced DC Motors Inc. It utilizes 72-Volt DieHard AGM batteries (96 12-Volt Cells) and has an on-board charger and LED lights from Osram Sylvania. Everything was hand-fabricated in the OCC shop.

Long and low, the Siemen Smart Chopper sports a 21-inch wheel up front and a wide 300mm rear. It has swept-back handlebars and angular bodywork that completely encases the engine and batteries. For a green bike, it’s pretty styling.

Siemens plans on showing the bike at trade shows and conferences to promote green technologies and the message of sustanability before being auctioned off for charity. It will be featured on TLC’s American Chopper on Thursday, October 22.

Sieman Smart Chopper Technical Specs:

Engine: Type Advanced DC Motors Inc. series wound 8-inch motor with
27 peak horsepower and 72-96 volts peak electrical output
Battery: Type 72-volt DieHard AGM batteries (96 12-volt cells)
Capacity 72 volts with input standard 110V
Transmission: Direct drive Clutchless one-speed with 4:1 dual-chain drive
Chassis/Suspension: Rigid frame
Brakes: Front Brakes are fully hydraulic, stainless steel dual disc (hand controlled);
Rear Brakes are fully hydraulic, stainless steel dual disc (foot controlled)
Front Tire 21 x 3.5 Metzeler and Rear Tire 18 x 10.5 (300mm) Metzeler
Wheelbase 120 inches and head angle 40 degrees plus 5 in trees
Frame Approx. 75 lbs; total weight about 350 lbs

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Max Manroe -Hmm August 15, 2009 06:35 AM
Actually I really like the concept of electric motorcycle, which is no air pollution and no global warming. But also this motorcycle is lack of power. Not my style :) Max Manroe
Tim B -Wow August 14, 2009 09:14 AM
An astounding 27HP!?! Sign me up! Uh no, not at all. Put a "1" in front of that "27" and I'll take notice. Electric vehicles still suck. 15 years after the government forces us all the switch to electric vehicles we'll have to deal with the environmental harm created by the production, disposal, and charging of batteries.