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Taking a Spin on 2009 Stratoliner S

Monday, November 30, 2009
2009 Star Stratoliner S
The styling of the 2009 Star Stratoliner S might combine classic cruiser styling cues with art deco detailing, but the 1854cc engine is top-of-the-line 21st-century Yamaha technology.
I’m trying to squeeze the 2009 Star Stratoliner S into the back of our Sprinter Van and I’m thinking “These bars are crazy-wide for stock.” The 18-inch front tire is dead center in the wheel chock, but the ends of the handlebars are brushing up against the side of the van. I’ve hauled quite a few motorcycles in the Sprinter before, but the bars on the Stratoliner S are the widest stock set that I’ve come across.

The Stratoliner S is a classic-styled cruiser from Star Motorcycles with a thumpin’ 1854cc air-cooled V-Twin engine. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I fired it up and heard the rumble from the big pipe that streaks down its right side. My happiness only heightened when I gave the throttle on the big cruiser/tourer a twist. The power is readily available and is doled out generously throughout its wide powerband.
The Stratoliner S gets a healthy dose of the chrome treatment in its classic accoutrements. This includes chrome switchgear, front brake and clutch master cylinders and levers, belt guard, fork and fork covers, handlebar clamps, various engine covers and polished wheels. It gets its touring credentials from a set of leather-covered, locking sidebags, a quick-detachable windshield and a small passenger backrest.
The Stratoliner S combines its classic cruiser countenance with art deco styling on the fuel and oil tanks. The art deco styling cues continue in the form of a sweet-looking fender strut on the front wheel and honeycomb-shaped taillights on the backside. Its got basic clock-style instrumentation in a tank-mounted console that includes a large, round analog speedo and small dials for the tach and fuel gauge.
Heading out Ortega Hwy., it doesn’t take long before I’m testing out the big cruiser motorcycle’s modest lean angles. The floorboards are protesting as they scrape against the asphalt beneath me as I bank into another tight-radiused turn. It’s time to see how the Stratoliner S handles on this curvy, climbing stretch before me. Tune back in next week as the test continues, including a trip to Mickey Cohen’s dynamometer to find out how many ponies this big mill is churning out and a full performance review.
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